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U.S. defense secretary sees Indonesia as 'maritime fulcrum' in South China Sea disputes https://t.co/XFzQ3UQk10
Would you be more likely to keep a business card shaped like a Lego or a puzzle piece? https://t.co/1NBNCNRrQ8 https://t.co/u88EXmjHXC
Under pressure to grow, Snapchat embraces public sharing https://t.co/xwNRDjD7ks
Opinion: The College of William & Mary in Virginia announced last week that James Comey will teach a course on “eth… https://t.co/o9TQy2IWQq
Apple will finally begin selling its delayed HomePod speaker https://t.co/B2aXHIYtXc
A globe-rattling move in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies earlier this month can be traced to one Queens apartment https://t.co/02yyWCKHEa
In a 2,000-word letter, Minnesota Public Radio’s president explains dismissal of Garrison Keillor https://t.co/WC3eBHtU0Y
Got ID? South Korea tightens noose on anonymous cryptocurrency trading https://t.co/RAlgszNog3 https://t.co/MWSIjP3IFx
Move boosts LNG price and leaves large swathes of industry in China struggling with limited gas supplies https://t.co/Q76dLOP56q
Opinion: MetLife fought and won. Prudential should help with the litigation costs https://t.co/pTTKHxsl7W
Michigan doctor and green-card holder arrested by ICE had been investigated for child abuse https://t.co/yDE1Ci8Mcw
In Davos, Narendra Modi says protectionism presents a challenge as grave as terrorism https://t.co/hFgvuRJM8p
A California mall is offering to fill up your car tank while you shop https://t.co/UcOj2dTJlg
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit South Korea during the Winter Olympics next month https://t.co/U39ha8GabC
Opinion: If you’re an employer who increased wages due to the Republican tax cuts, tell your employees why, writes… https://t.co/ZKg5wqUaxr
Former Cuomo aide was driven by greed, prosecutors tell jurors during N.Y. bribery trial https://t.co/fDNd4qxNra
White House says President Trump will meet with heads of U.K., Israel and Rwanda at World Economic Forum https://t.co/sEonNNEwop
No joy for REIT investors as shares miss out on the rally https://t.co/mP907F8oMn
Opinion: Adam Schiff is the one man in America uninterested in whether the Steele dossier is true or not, writes… https://t.co/MIvsGtNe5E
Suniva, a Georgia-based solar power firm that spurred the U.S. to take action, is majority owned by a Chinese compa… https://t.co/WhgMI7qpWs

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