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RT @Trolls: Put those thinking caps on, it’s time for #TrollsTrivia! Do you know the answer?! https://t.co/j6JFy6xraD
RT @THR: Exclusive: #BabyDriverMovie actress @Eizamusica joins @SteveCarell in Robert Zemeckis drama https://t.co/KGXeP4LGHN https://t.co/Z…
RT @nbc: Get a sneak peek at Red Nose Day Actually and don't miss The #RedNoseDay Special this Thursday at 10/9c on NBC! https://t.co/0nPH5…
RT @THR: Exclusive: @IceCube to star in crime thriller from #PatriotsDay writer https://t.co/xut4uXPD1u https://t.co/GBhOH84GAH
RT @girlstripmovie: Nights they won't remember, a trip they'll never forget. #GirlsTrip https://t.co/HvDFjGiJTE
RT @DespicableMe: You know the only thing better than the perfect heist? The perfect heist music. And Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt. #Desp…
RT @themummy: She's coming. On June 9, #TheMummy. https://t.co/rO4XFEmfr7 https://t.co/2O46lw5kvX
RT @Syfy: It's not your father's monster movie. Purchase tickets to #TheMummy, in theaters on 6/9: https://t.co/e0OgC8v8pa #MummyMondays h…
Back to villainy. @SteveCarrell #DespicableMe3 #MCM https://t.co/iokRgKyCre
RT @Variety: Universal's new #BrideOfFrankenstein has a release date https://t.co/cxYKJSCOL8 https://t.co/WC945AjvFq
RT @prattprattpratt: NEW CONTEST THIS ONE IS GLOBAL!!!Click the link in my bio for the opportunity for you and a friend to visit me on... h…
RT @darkuniverse: Witness the beginning of a #DarkUniverse. https://t.co/8g9eIbQfGa
RT @darkuniverse: Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters. #DarkUniverse https://t.co/yMPyGVMcvH https://t.co/Yg1KAxg4WX
RT @themummy: It takes one to know one. #TheMummy - in theaters June 9. https://t.co/v30FxyEkPx
RT @themummy: Check out that sarcophagus! 75 feet, 7 tons. #TheMummyDay https://t.co/YcJDpR5tmn
RT @themummy: What's behind the curtain? Stay tuned for coverage from #TheMummyDay in Los Angeles with @TomCruise and #TheMummy cast! https…
RT @themummy: If you're in Los Angeles, come on down to Hollywood & Highland for #TheMummyDay with Tom Cruise and #TheMummy cast!
RT @DEADLINE: ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!’ On Universal Pictures’ Schedule Next Summer https://t.co/q94oHxGcn0 https://t.co/oHgd9MXjvf
RT @girlstripmovie: Every good girl has a bad side. #GirlsTrip - in theaters July 21. https://t.co/6S3hvACRVX
RT @PitchPerfect: Crushed it. #PitchPerfect https://t.co/YrFGWq1K98

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