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Massachusetts residents are not afraid to strap on those running shoes.
Desire and consent are *not* the same thing.
Medical records show Christopher saw the doctor 323 times in Dallas and Houston between 2009 and 2016.
Daredevil Wu Yongning died after falling off skyscraper in China. What is "rooftopping?"
There’s a familiar pattern to fraternity deaths, explains a hazing expert.
RT @DonnaLeinwand: Pig organs. A uterus transplant. Gene editing. 2017's most promising medical developments.... @u…
An uncomfortable introduction ultimately helped pull a Texas mom out of postpartum depression
Are you a cyberchondriac? #theinternettoldmeso
When one expert says, “Grains are bad, meat is good” and the next nutritionist says, “Meat is bad, grains are good,…
Making an extra $10 could cost you.
#ICYMI The Government Accountability Office confirmed findings of a @USATODAY investigation that found that the VA…
Reminded us of this excellent series by @LizSzabo
Even with all the Michael Flynn news this @NPR piece on #mentalhealth is trending.
The use of contraceptives is on the decline in India -- and its population keeps rising.
Confused by your #workplace benefits? Don't be afraid to ask for help. #openenrollment
Sarah Bolin's heart infection got so bad last month, the longtime heroin user was passing out by the time she got t…
More consumers are finding plans #Obamacare plans for cheap, or free.
“She’s zany, but in a cute way!” It might've been a throwaway line on another series, but on #CrazyExGirlfriend it…
"Shingles tried to kill me." Why this author says you must get the #shingles vaccine.

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