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👇 Now available in TweetDeck
You can now upload and send Tweets with videos in TweetDeck, Tim.
Using Teams for shared accounts? You can now contribute to Teams on Android & iOS – so it's easy to Tweet on the go.
3/3 And finally, you'll see when a Tweet contains a poll and can vote from that poll in detail view.
2/3 Cards now show in detail view for articles, Moments, Periscopes & audio links, so you can see what your audienc…
1/3 Some more updates to TweetDeck! Firstly, Tweets in detail view now update instantly with reply, Retweet, and like counts
4/4 And you now have the option to download and upload members of your lists when you're editing them. #timesaver
3/4 Engagement and column icons have also had a design refresh along with Twitter.
2/4 Profile photos are now rounded to match Twitter's new look.
1/4. You'll notice some new changes in TweetDeck today.
New! Click the 🔍 icon in the top right corner of an image in detail view to verify the source via Google.
3/ We also added the ability to control whether GIFs auto-play or not! Click the ⚙️ icon and flip the switch in se…
2/ You can now use TweetDeck to see what people are saying about a Tweet 💬
1/ ICYMI we shipped two new features in TweetDeck this week!
👇 Now available to everyone in TweetDeck.
Plus Alerts and Media column options have been combined into a new setting: Preferences.
Notification columns now show if you have advanced filters enabled across Twitter.
Some search updates! 🔍 A new search now opens as a column, plus you can now edit your search query directly from t…
You can now share with your team the exact search query - including filters - you used on TweetDeck!
Want to get technical with your searches? Open Settings to start exploring advanced search tips.

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