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Not Crazy About Public Speaking? Few of Us Are....
3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About... #moneymindset #finance #smallbusiness...
@SceneStealrEric Wow! I had no idea there were air guitar competitions. Thanks for sharing.
@SceneStealrEric Thanks for following! What is your favorite song 🎶 for your air guitar playing? 😃
Challenge:⠀ *Instant Mindset Reset - Have you ever tried What - If - Up thinking?*⠀ ⠀ When we are presented with d……
The Sugarcoated Language Of White Fragility # via @DinaEisenberg
He is home! David spent the last 9 days on a Reach mission trip. He and 89 other high schoolers and adults travele……
RT @iamDayoSamuel: HOW TO LIVE A MEANINGFUL STORY - Episode 11 #impact #leadership
RT @ImpactiveStrat: It's not so much about time management as CHOICE management.
You create what you believe. #MagneticMindset
Please Believe Me, Doc! When your doctors don't believe you. via @SheSplain #shepod #podernfamily
The Marketer's Mindset-How to Build a Business Based on Who You Are w/ @briantburkard
RT @iamDayoSamuel: How to Mine the Gold from Your Guest Appearances (with @StephCalahan) #business #ideas
We ate out at Fiesta Ranchera last night. Not only did we have a good meal and great conversation, but this was on……
"You are not your past. Learn from it. Move on. Every day you have the opportunity to change what you no longer wa……
RT @iamDayoSamuel: How to Mine the Gold from Your Guest Appearances (with @StephCalahan) #business #ideas
RT @GeekyGirlSpeaks: Episode – 23 Dealing with kids and all the things they sign up for! @StephCalahan #momlife #po…
Yes! I found this sign while I was out running errands today. Love it! #SuccessMindset
Why I advised an entrepreneur to work in McDonald’s instead @dannyiny via @Inc
@StephenBogaa Thanks for following. I look forward to connecting. What has you smiling today?

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