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"Magical purple glowing pendant" by CatherinetteRings
Steampunk Griffin Minion Robot Miniature Sculpture Robot via @Etsy
Steampunk Jewelry Necklace Glowing Spider via @Etsy
"Steampunk Sculpture Monster" by CatherinetteRings
Purple Glowing Pendant Necklace Winged heart Locket Silver via @Etsy
Steampunk Earrings Compass Earrings via @Etsy
Steampunk Ring Swarovski Crystal via @Etsy
Steampunk Ring blue Eye via @Etsy
"Steampunk compass ring" by CatherinetteRings
Steampunk cthulhu Sculpture with reptile taxidermy glass eyes via @Etsy
"Steampunk Glowing Spider Pendant" by CatherinetteRings
"Steampunk Spider Sculpture with Tanzanite glass" by CatherinetteRings
"Colorful glowing magical amulet." by CatherinetteRings
"Steampunk amethyst skull pendant" by CatherinetteRings
GLOWING PENDANT Blue Fairy glow Jewelry Antique bronze via @Etsy
"Steampunk amethyst skull pendant" by CatherinetteRings
"Steampunk amethyst skull pendant" by CatherinetteRings
5 hours left to help these amazing Steampunk Musicians !! Please Share ! Contribute !! @Kickstarter
Blue Glowing Pendant Necklace Tree of Life Locket Antique via @Etsy
"Steampunk skull pendant with amber 3" by CatherinetteRings

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ETSY Steampunk Jewelry,Modern ,Antique,Retro-futuristic designer artist and Etsy Entrepreneur interested in Handmade Crafts Art Photography Fashion and Fantasy

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