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@geeky_carlys We recommend checking with your local barista!
Little floateas! 🙌 #IcedWhiteTea #PassionTango #IcedBlackTea
@JUANACOSTA__ Thank you for spreading love and kindness, Juan!
@Godessoflove123 Thank you for helping us create a kinder, braver world!
@_catherine_noel We're so glad you like it, Catherine!
@annikaadellex It's a match made in heaven, Annika! Enjoy!
@_Cheevyyy We're thrilled to hear this!
@pamrunsforbacon How did you like it, Pam?
@christyuribe We're so glad you like it, Christy. It's perfect for summer!
@coldestwinters It's a Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers with coconutmilk and a splash of iced Passion Tango tea. Let us know how you like it!
@djseeger31 Thanks for helping us create a kinder, braver world!
@forever_jelecia We're so happy that you like it, Jelecia!
@Rydehismuffin We're loving this! Thanks for your support!
@TWHutchens It's a whole experience of flavors, Tyler. Thanks for helping us support a good cause!
@mahouston69 Sound berry delicious, Heather!
@Nessaaaaa_ That's music to our ears, Nessa. Did you pair it with a cake pop?
@_highonbieber We'd love to hear what you think about it, Ellie!
@makeupbyMandaL Aww! Thanks for the love, Amanda!
@Samm_webb That's the definition of summer!
@ItsNotBono That's how you know it's real!

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