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@princss_lori How about our Cold Brew? Or a latte made with coconut, almond or soymilk.
@ctyndallwatson It's a Cool Lime Refreshers with coconutmilk and a float of Iced Passion Tango Tea on top! Highly recommend. 👌
@myworldpablo Summer just isn't complete without Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonades!
@JessicaPajak Is anything better on a hot summer afternoon? 😋
@xst3phani3kx Whoever they are should be employee of the month. Every month.
@HeyyyMrsV There's no better way to start a morning! Do you have a favorite?
@Jenn2168 It's a good one! Especially with lemonade. 😋
@DustForEyes Yes, this is only for green members in US and Canada.
@KayeBFrance There is! When selecting your drink, tap on Milk, then Milk Choices. You'll see Coconut listed there.
@lamperouges If you're not a fan of coconut, you can always try it with another milk!
@rosie_spiel Hi, Rosie! We do not have a drink by that name, so we recommend having the recipe handy to share with your barista. 🙂
@FrancesWangTV We love hearing stories like these. We're so proud of our partners who try to make everyone's day a great one! 💚
@kellyvoris Woot Woot! Which one did you try, Kellay?
@theonlywaily 💚
@tayloralexblum You're speaking our love language, Taylor. 😍
@laurenemilywri The pink one is the best one. 💕
@theonlywaily That sounds delicious! You're the master of mocha macchiatos. 👍
@marrenee01 Yes! What Marissa said. ☝
@Raulislifee Excellent choice! These infusions + lemonade are 😍
@beccaslookbook If you loved our MBTL, we suggest trying our new Pineapple Black Tea Infusion Lemonade, naturally f…

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