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So glad to be a part of your videos, @bdicroce!
RT @bdicroce: Hey @SongfreedomINC! Thank you so much for providing such amazing songs! Found the perfect one for this wedding:…
@AvantGardeCine All answers are here on our faq page. Just look to see what type of license your project fits under!
@AvantGardeCine You can license songs on our site without paying royalties on the back end, if that's what you mean!
@MicahOKeiley That's not a problem! Just don't go creating any mash-ups and you're fine.
Thanks for the love, @karenholubek! Happy listening!! :)
Met the guys of @aauthorsmusic tonight! Great people and good music. Could they be in our line-up of new music?...
Thanks to @onerepublic for their continued relationship with the SF family! About to catch a great show!
Yeah, check us out, @maoneill! :)
Hey, @MicahOKeiley! Thanks for checking us out, anyway! We have some great songs, as is, and hope you'll give us another down the road.
Phillip Phillips is now "Home" at Songfreedom!
Angels & Airwaves now available on Songfreedom!
Thanks, @mklajade! We're so glad to be a part of the great work you do! Loving your same-day edits :)
RT @mklajade: Finding music is the worst but once you have the perfect song it's like the whole video falls right into place. Thanks @Songf…
Thanks for the follow, @Evanlanier! We look forward to checking out your work!
Beautiful filming; beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing!! @SixpenceFilms @weddingchicks @paulcjohnson @carillonwedding @robinklag
RT @SixpenceFilms: Love sweet Haley + Ianni. Check them out on @weddingchicks @paulcjohnson @carillonwedding @robink…
Hey, @Mikespins! Depends on the use! We do offer some licenses for business. What kind of use do you need?
Thanks for the shout-out, @rhedpixel!
RT @rhedpixel: Recommend video and photogs check out @SongfreedomINC – a cool way to license great songs

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