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@NakMakFeegle Happy to hear that you decided to try a helmet this year, Andy! Very wise decision! Have a safe ski season! ^ssg
@RailingGazer Please shoot us an email to, Kayla. We will be happy to look into this for you! ^ssg
@bigcitymtneers We hope everyone had a great time of the grand opening of one of our new stores! ^ssg
@RailingGazer We are sorry to hear that Kayla. Please shoot us an email to an…
@PatriotBeezer Thanks for the shout-out, Robert! Cool commercial and suspenseful!^mem
@XianJaneway @REI Shoot us an email at! Our donation folks will check it out…
@somekindofdan @Starbucks Definitely no need to be ashamed! This is awesome, thanks for sharing this with us!!! ^dlc
@jjdives @tjmaxx Your security is important to us! We recommend that you periodically update your password. We are…
@jjdives @tjmaxx Your security is important to us! We recommend that you periodically update your password to keep…
@YMCARochester You're welcome! We're happy to help! ^lep
@shift_in2_turbo @Columbia1938 We're glad you enjoy it, Karim! ^lep
@shift_in2_turbo @Columbia1938 Thanks for sharing! ^lep
@a2burns Woot! Woot! Thanks for shopping with us since 2004! ^gw
@a2burns Pls give us a shout via Live Chat & we would be happy to help! ^gw
@KarinLitzcke Sorry for the trouble! We upgraded security recently, which may make things a bit trickier. We believ…
@jb_tray We are glad to hear that Monica was able to help you, Tracie! We will let her know. ^bh
@lapearce You're welcome, Lauren! ^ bh
@lapearce Oh no! Please contact us with more information by email, chat, or phone so that we can assist you, Lauren! Have a great night! ^kh
@lapearce We're sorry to hear you're disappointed, Lauren! Please contact us by LiveChat or phone to give us more i…
@Budget_Hunter Awwww schucks, we'll take it! :) ^dlc

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