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@cgrace1998 Thanks for replying! Do you have a favorite hiking trail in Montana?^kh
@cgrace1998 Thanks for answering! Do you have a favorite national park in Montana?^kh
@cgrace1998 Thanks for your answer and the reasoning behind it! We appreciate your feedback!^kh
@cgrace1998 Thank you for your reply! That's great information to have about Kansas!^kh
@NatureCrank Thank you for your reply! Mountains are very majestic and pleasing to look upon, aren't they?^kh
@ofthetrail Thank you for sharing! ^ bh
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Q10: Photo brag! Show us some your favorite outdoor and travel photos! #trailtime
Q9: If you were only allowed to vacation in 3 states in the U.S., which states would you choose? Why? #trailtime
Q8: Which state do you think has the best weather? What about the worst? #trailtime
Q7: Which state do you think is best for doing a variety of outdoor activities in one weekend? #trailtime
Q6: Which state do you think has the best local food? #trailtime
Q5: Why should people visit your home state? What is often overlooked about your state that makes it wonderful? #trailtime
Q4: Which state do you think has the best skiing/snowboarding? #trailtime
Q3: Which state is home to your favorite national park? #trailtime
Q2: Which state do you think has the most scenic hiking trails? #trailtime
Q1: Which state are you from? What do most people associate with that state? #trailtime

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