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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo experienced "an in-flight anomaly" during a test flight Friday, the company said on Twitter. -- @CNN
Ax attack on D.C. cop prompts warnings, new protocols for police http://t.co/4piQhZfqSg
WATCH @MJMCDERMOTT play skin-crawling Halloween gag on @LizDueweke @BillWixey @TravisMayfield http://t.co/IXT3Ub98Zn http://t.co/dfWrlE3OAm
#MPHS flag atop Mt. Pilchuck. Photos taken by teachers Louie Jones and Nate McClellan. #Q13FOX http://t.co/7mQiwmq0oC
Costco isn't the only store staying closed on #Thanksgiving day >> http://t.co/WVQAjawsds http://t.co/UPND9BUR4N
RT @TomYazwinski: Memorial ride about to leave for #MPHS dozens of people heading there to show support for families. #Q13FOX http://t.co/R…
#Halloween advice: RT @TravisMayfield: Avoid (emotional) vampires #thelist #Q13FOX http://t.co/uxSE3pkVCH
RT @wsdot_tacoma: SB I-5 down to 1 lane near Mounts Road. Working to clear wreck. http://t.co/ZTBPnnYvSk
RT @BigNixx: @Q13FOX miss Lila and brother Nick Lacey Washington.... http://t.co/pi18aUZPXi
RT @amnewsboy: @wnepamandak joins us live at 930 from PA; she was in court for Eric Frein's 1st appearance this am. #q13fox http://t.co/0jI…
RT @seattledot: Halloween Reminder! Pedestrians, Please wear something drivers can see, carry a light, and don’t wear something that limits…
WHAT?! This Halloween costume costs $1.6 million >> http://t.co/4mghvNd70I http://t.co/lqYtuBlh0e
Wall Street firm pushes for student loan forgiveness >> http://t.co/zwVzpGxtUU http://t.co/9BazV2MwH2
Honda and its supplier sued over exploding airbags >> http://t.co/dCyyaZNaXH http://t.co/hGvhuWdZRn
RT @GusGusperez13: @Q13FOX oly ortho! http://t.co/1VXHiuUVDK
RT @bblakelyQ13Fox: C'mon down! #Seahawks Blue Friday Halloween Costume Contest all morning #Q13Fox #Sluggers Seattle #TGIBF http://t.co/f…
RT @Martijes: @Q13FOX Happy Blue Friday from your Favorite Seahawk Gnomes! http://t.co/Zj44mDKjYs
RT @JamesQ13Fox: Now this is going to be a fun morning! @Q13FOX #Q13FOX http://t.co/nWocjiIo7z
RT @BhavishaPatel: Great costumes at our #BlueFriday H-ween event! Think you can do better? Join @KaciAitchison at Sluggers now #Q13FOX htt…
RT @TravisMayfield: Baby learns to crawl, gets big reward from family dog (VIDEO) http://t.co/zIzW0E7kow

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