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With the devastation happening in Texas, we want to do our part to help those in need. https://t.co/NRuHWOhWSp… https://t.co/qlc9YOwzdr
For all you techies out there, NASA released an explanation of how yesterday’s total eclipse would impact GPS.... https://t.co/iMBaPOoZLK
It's the middle of the 100 Deadliest Days and PocketFinder is here as solution when it comes to monitoring your... https://t.co/BnVEwaBrlk
@Mich_Fernandes I apologize for the delay in response. Please contact customer service: https://t.co/k4GNwYpCHh and… https://t.co/3kHbw2vZce
It's amazing how one little signal now benefits and gives peace of mind to so many! #GPS #science https://t.co/NVHOakxzTr
In celebration of #MadeInAmericaWeek we have a deep discount on our 3G Vehicle Trackers! https://t.co/8TTYzCWa6u… https://t.co/sGMyu81QHV
With the declaration of Made In America Week, PocketFinder is celebrating that our 3G Vehicle Trackers are made... https://t.co/8TTYzCWa6u
With all the technology out there, it can be difficult to find a simple, cost-effective solution that guarantees... https://t.co/sGf03nsF0T
General Vehicle Tracker Solution With all the technology out there, it can be difficult to find a simple,... https://t.co/cgtQWjTtFu
You heard it here: PocketFinder is one Caring Village's top 10 GPS trackers! Our top priority is peace of mind... https://t.co/cOVyTX84AK
Small Business- Vehicle Tracking Solution When it comes to vehicle tracking solutions for your business, it... https://t.co/7nd38ZamR8
@KlaudiaJurewicz Hi @klaudiaJurewicz, yes! Or any browser, mobile browsers or our free iOS and Android apps to see… https://t.co/kSPIVrg6eo
Amazing! 3G PocketFinder+ launched & we're about to sell our device 1000. Thank you all for your locate interval... https://t.co/YJQTcphpsJ
Have you upgraded your vehicle tracker to 3G yet? 20 days to AT&T's US 2G turn down. Contact our customer service... https://t.co/YxpQtWnrMf
Best of luck keeping track of all your little ghosts and ghouls! Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! https://t.co/dsd2XKydRf
PocketFinder customer tracking his Drone in Puerto Rico. Well done video Brent! The beaches look amazing!... https://t.co/LsdNovAP6N
Great energy on this positive site focused on our Seniors, often called "The Greatest Generation"!... https://t.co/AV9tae4NVT
RT @NetworkedIndia: #WorldAlzheimersDay Here are 6 #Wearables Transforming The Lives Of Patients https://t.co/wHF9fW2WZg #healthtech @Pocke…
Protect your second most expensive asset. @amazon @bestbuymexico @solosanborns https://t.co/x1I9kckWFN

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PocketFinder® family of GPS locators help you stay connected with the People, Pets & things that you value & care most about in life. If you love it, locate it!

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