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@toonarmyblog @AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC I don't think he's above blame so can see your points - Diame for exam… https://t.co/yus1wEmwA7
@toonarmyblog @AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC Perhaps they wouldn’t, perhaps they would. Gayle wasn’t doing a lot un… https://t.co/wY47R1X0uC
@ChronicleNUFC Good lad Jermaine. There’s a hashtag full of the melts unfortunately but they are the minority
@mj_afc @MsiDouglas @lee_ryder It’s absolutely spot on!! Great piece
RT @EntireDesign_: Just remember that Paul Merson said this when City signed De Bruyne https://t.co/YvhIaHmvEV
RT @venison_barry: Wasn't a fan of @worflags at first but think the displays look brilliant now and sincerely hope the next one is the Brig…
RT @Lascelles16: Time to stick together and keep fighting. Boys showed a lot of passion today.. fans showed amazing support as always 👍🏽
If Shelvey made this tackle he’d be banned for life. Different rules for different players .@FA Kane likewise #nufc https://t.co/Rnb3ygMIr1
@AlfRed36915883 @toonarmyblog @ChronicleNUFC Can’t dismiss them tho, that’s 2 of weaker areas, our keepers are bang… https://t.co/v9unZGQ0Gd
@AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC Yeah we probably do. I think Joselu tries to put a shift in, he’s just not v.good. P… https://t.co/9HTB7xFr4d
@AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC Brighton and hudds away were disappointing for me and I agree he’s not above blame.… https://t.co/pCFYDHyOL8
@AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC I know what you mean, typically we should crush those teams but in isolation of wher… https://t.co/fzoFfNUFuH
@AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC No they may not be and wasting time all window is a hallmark of Ashley’s era. Rafa h… https://t.co/lrdl3a5OVP
@AlfRed36915883 @ChronicleNUFC He wanted them but Ashley planted Justin Barnes in there who held up all deals and w… https://t.co/RL1A6WXN2i
Dunno why more clubs don’t employ their managers direct off Twitter, it’s an untapped hotbed of tactical genius. If… https://t.co/jSiBjSIuKn
@Ted_Macc @lee_ryder Haha righto click bait Ted
@ChronicleNUFC Misery predicted among the Twitter moan section whether we win or get hammered
RT @GallowgateShots: Spotted this as it happened last night. How he stayed on the pitch last night is mind boggling!!! https://t.co/LZRB5Hs…
@andrewmcgivery @photonstorm @PhaserJs @nodejs @typescriptlang https://t.co/G2xgZZbyks
@bovril_hunter @LeLouvre Haha. 1-3 to the toon incoming with a Joselu brace and a Diame screamer (it’ll be his firs… https://t.co/CnperSwWHj

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