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RT @frankstartups: @PCC came in looking for something unique... your assistant says: "I've got something in back you might like, hold on" #…
RT @jenniferdonogh: Editing another food haul video from @PCC - this was my video from last year https://t.co/d7kZxhQKmB showing how we use…
RT @strongrtogethr: Co+op Forest grew to 1.7 million trees in 2017! Together w/ Peruvian farmer co-ops, U.S. food co-ops help slow global w…
@jfleischmann @mattcielak Hi Jeff and Matt, thanks and we'll be here whenever you need us! Thanks for shopping, PCC! 🙂 -Ricardo
We LOVE it, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing and have a #SweeterThanSunshine #CitrusInSeattle day! 🍊 😊 -Ricardo https://t.co/SzCH2hUCZT
@mamajite Hi Rebecca, Sweet! Please do let us know what you think if time permits! It's #CitrusInSeattle! -Ricardo
Peel into peak-season citrus now through January 30! From Lou Lou navels to Shaddock pomelos, we have more than 50… https://t.co/Hq9chOyeUt
RT @westseattleblog: 1 week after demolition start at past-and-future @pcc West Seattle site, project developer (who's also building 100+ a…
RT @THSEA: "Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How #Antibiotics Changed Modern #Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats" by @maryn…
@jamesholio @marko358 @CityofRenton @WholeFoods Thanks for the suggestion for a store in Renton! We'll pass this in… https://t.co/73VXNbUcPY
@nerduhlicious @westseattleblog Hey Dustin! We also can't wait to service the community of Burien! Thanks again! -Ricardo
Here we go! Thanks for sharing, @WestSeattleBlog! | #westseattle #pccmarkets #wedofreshbest #eatup https://t.co/ET3DfiU1t6
@coolboybrand Hi Brandan! Thanks for the request - we love knowing where a PCC would be welcome.
@fattailed @Instacart Hi there, sorry about that! Rest assured our tangerines do not look like that. Thanks for alt… https://t.co/CeBNYkMg58
@odaraia Hi Alice, try the following link for a render of the new store and additional information. Thanks! -Ricardo https://t.co/og2GzzjWj4
@Starry_Sky25 Thanks, Starr!
@odaraia You're very welcome, Alice! :-)
Hey Ballard, let’s get to know each other! We’re thrilled to announce our plans for #Ballard PCC! For more details,… https://t.co/xkn2GMVln4
@FarOutMan15 That's right! We’re thrilled to announce our plans for #Ballard PCC! Learn more here: https://t.co/k2uR3JZB0I
Thanks for sharing Josh... we can't wait to service the community of #Burien! #pccmarkets #wedofreshbest #eatup https://t.co/zoA76UP9GR

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About PCC

PCC Natural Markets is a certified organic co-op with nine stores in the Seattle and Puget Sound area, specializing in all-natural foods.

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