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RT @Variety: Sterling K. Brown just finished his best actor speech backstage after getting cut off during CBS' live telecast (Watch) #Emmys…
@lisaling Thanks Lisa. Was so moved by it. Almost rendered speechless . And forgot to say Thank you.
Key word "respect" @SHAQ talking about relationship with @kobebryant impressive! #Masterclass
So loving you @SHAQ on "2 degrees to touch my cheese" #masterclass
@IssaRae @COVERGIRL I felt the same way.. cover shoot for Voque. '98.Cried when I saw first Polairoid
@SHAQ so true. Ego can get u in trouble. #MasterClass
Watching #BlackLove @OWNTV .. so good❤️
I'm so proud!👏🏽👏🏽congratulaaaations! @Ava #13th https://t.co/5O69zcF9vj
Maya always said that God put a 🌈 in every cloud. The 🌈 is seeing our country at its finest. People helping one another. #HurricaneHarvey
I love seeing and celebrating Black Love 🖤 New episode of Black Love airs Saturday 9/8c. #BlackLoveDoc https://t.co/ZPfeComGAB
.@IAmSteveHarvey's #MasterClass airs Saturday. His highest highs & lowest lows. Night starts at 9pm w/ Black Love,… https://t.co/3Gfj6RYYmd
@3LWTV @NorahODonnell @CBSThisMorning Did you see the "Mattress Mat" guy? Housing people from the storm in his store. #Greatsamaritan
@3LWTV @NorahODonnell @CBSThisMorning Exactly . Solid. Sensitive. Not exploitive!
@NorahODonnell @CBSThisMorning Really good reporting from Texas.
Woke up still praying for #Harvey to recede. Donating to @RedCross and @SalvationArmyUS. Do whatever you can.
Did you fall in love with this book, too? 20 years later, #TuesdaysWithMorrie author @MitchAlbom comes to… https://t.co/5IDZFrqvLi
Hey y'all friendly reminder: New #Greenleaf on tonight followed by a new #MasterClass with @MsLynnWhitfield. https://t.co/365PYJDSow
Morning everyone.. hope you'll join us LIVE streaming on Facebook right now!#SuperSoulSunday
@tpoulos Mavis ain't feelin' it!

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