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Threat of violence hovers over Berkeley's "Free Speech Week"
A plant expert explains why leaves change colors in the fall
Book review: The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas
How Trump can destroy Kim Jong Un’s nukes without blowing up the world
Anyone for MethUp? You may be getting more than you bargained for if you drink 7-Up in Mexico…
Why aren't police shootings of Latinos widely discussed?
Maxine Waters guarantees Trump-Russia collusion and says it's time to demand the president's impeachment…
Mali is a hotspot for extremism in Africa. Here’s how to fight it
Seth Rich ad will appear on TV in Washington...with Russian subtitles
Trump wants "son of a bitch" NFL players fired but Colin Kaepernick—and his mom—are fighting back…
The world didn't end today, but one MIT scientist gives us only until 2100
North Korea defies Trump with thousands of marchers
The Supreme Court will tackle President Trump's travel ban, gay civil rights and partisan gerrymandering…
Nazis on Gab social network show there is no such thing as a free speech internet
Two devastating earthquakes hit Mexico City in September. Is the U.S. next?
Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes for hilarious, profanity-filled tirade
The Philippines' Duterte promises to kill his own son if drug rumors are true
Japan is "rising from the ashes" of World War II to take on Kim Jong Un
Twitter-loving Trump hit Reince Priebus with the ultimate social media insult
Staffers are about to tell Trump en masse, 'Get us outta here!'

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