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@KennyBounce Where's mine
2k champs 🏆
@CecilLetsPlay @Xplosive Deadass
@SuMuNs @UMGEvents thank god somebody finally noticed
@OpTic_DKarma If Rez plays the way he did against SK yesterday they have a chance
@icy @Falloutt @ganymede415 @GearsofWar @MakeAWish @GearsViking @CoalitionGears @OpTicGaming @GhostGaming_GG…
@IamJovonW Getting off for now
@IamJovonW Yea I know rip
@IamJovonW Omw
@IamJovonW I'll play
@IamJovonW U wanna play rn ?
@CarnagePrayer Yea maps trash lmao
@CarnagePrayer optic_mental21
@RambyBambyy @FF_MuTeX LOL my bad didnt even see yours
@FF_MuTeX lmao thanks bro. havent had much of a chance to grind yet, had a gears event last week and been scrimming…
@IamJovonW in a bit, playing cod rn
@FF_MuTeX thanks bruh, just trying to learn the game now, like hp grid ctf shit, ya know?
@IamJovonW Haven't really been playing either, les get itttt
@IamJovonW Wassup
@GuyBlazeLive why u sound like that? You lose an odds to @Benson_EU or something lmao

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