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#JenniferLawrenceWeSupportYou - my worst nightmare. Remember : removing something from the internet is like taking pee out of a pool.
BRAS are pockets for your boobs - and credit cards.
On the blog: I love small weddings, this is as small as it gets!...
City Hall Wedding Photography
Sometimes I regret having such a tight privacy policy, so I can't show much of the boudoir stuff, you know, in...
Behind the scenes of the SHE - a Photographers Competition by After Breast Cancer and a headshot of my Model :)...
So every now and then I do weddings too. I haven't blogged a lot but I am catching up!
Guest Post: Tips for Choosing Lingerie That Flatters
@TheSocialCTV solution for helmet head, wear and bandana and carry the helmet around :) justify it.
First bike to work in over a year and survived. Car traffic on Danforth is brutal. I love moving faster than cars :) #biketo
“@ShopprsDrugMart: Do you have an #SDMBombshell moment? liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes for glam photos
What to wear to your Boudoir session
Tip: Shoes for Boudoir session
That awkward moment where carrying laundry down 3 flights of stairs your cheap yoga pants start sliding down. #nohipsproblems
RT @YouArentaPhotog: Today we've got a Bad Boudoir Collection for you! #lol #photography
@TTChelps thanks! It would be nice if they space out
@TTChelps why when there is only two buses on route 22 are they chasing each other? 22 minutes and 18 minutes what the?
Little Lily turned 1! with a pink batman cake... we tried being messy but she is a lady that doesn't like messes...
How to choose your boudoir photos... part of the FAQ's
No need to go outside for awesome #engagement shots. My place is warm! Congratulations Ashley and Rodrigo :)

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