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I tried doing nail art
Blog post challenge: Nail Art
Tips for anniversary photos
I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Fall Location"
@notplannedfilm glad to be here :) Can't wait to see it! #indiefilm
RT @notplannedfilm: @MarlenJames is here?? Oh man this party's just getting started #indiefilm #indieboudoir #amazingphotographer
Girls only day and still not tired #influensterCA #contest
RT @boygirlphoto: Sending Jill lots of love! @jillBrzezinski-Conley @afterbreastcancer @sue_bryce @boygirlphoto…
RT @sandrav03: #grandluxe #toronto #ABCProject #afterbreastcancer
@InfluensterCA #InfluensterCA proud to be a canadian mom, in spite of the weather challenges :) scared of the winter coming up #contest
#IBikeBecause because I loved it since I was 7. And it is faster than transit. :)
Photoset: babygirlssweetsurrender: Cheese. If I had a nicer butt I would do this one with my Nikon -...
RT @fagstein: Meanwhile, in Toronto newsrooms…
From the blog: Privacy in a digital world.
Privacy and naked pictures
#JenniferLawrenceWeSupportYou - my worst nightmare. Remember : removing something from the internet is like taking pee out of a pool.
BRAS are pockets for your boobs - and credit cards.
On the blog: I love small weddings, this is as small as it gets!...
City Hall Wedding Photography
Sometimes I regret having such a tight privacy policy, so I can't show much of the boudoir stuff, you know, in...

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