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A gentleman never leaves the house without #knives. Featuring Sifu German's @CalgaryFerrer 's double knives.… https://t.co/eAnsj3TW3d
Even my chickens are still asleep. Starting private lessons at 5:45am. #wingtsun #kungfu #daswingtsun https://t.co/OoOPDbnOuR
UPDATE by @ANSELM_MEYER fight scenes & first days of filming Please support new short films at https://t.co/JLq8tLs5rc #shortfilm #gofundme
UPDATE - Photos from the first shoots of QUANTUM SHOCK "Prototype ATLAS... https://t.co/Rz1HL1dZ6U
RT @EWTO_official: We teach MOVEMENTS TO BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATES learn HOW TO MOVE according to principles, ADVANCED ones are taught FUN…
#FirstDayofFall What to do? Oh, yes. I start teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu at 10am, all the way until 7pm. #wingtsun… https://t.co/uxw7vDCmrh
Thanks to @kyklosphaira for meeting up regarding the upcoming 3-page #interview about #hänelwingtsun Stay tuned for October 13th! #kungfu
There is such a thing as a #KungFu Lunch! Teaching WingTsun Lunch-Break seminar via @Accenturecanada @BestBuyCanada… https://t.co/BwwHXyf6Kk
How about it? @Steve_McMinn 😎 https://t.co/yygjNiPQdD
Flashback 2002 Wing Tsun introduction at the Simon Fraser University @SFU with Sifu Brian @101mentor & Eric… https://t.co/7be2ldKcY3
Flashback 1998 Wing Tsun Kung Fu demo at the University of British Columbia with Elsy, Joe & Sifu @ChrisChinfen… https://t.co/aDmlX3tbyB
Found old 25 minute Wing Tsun docu excerpts with @DarrinChen94 @acsaba and many others at Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouv… https://t.co/PnziX36iXr
RT @MeredithFrost: Muhammad Ali dodges 21 punches in 10 seconds. #TheGreatest https://t.co/EKyKFBNn84
RT @TheSlyStallone: The one thing we have in common is we don't quit. Push until ya can't push no more ...… https://t.co/83J84hT6ce
RT @DalaiLama: What we need today are universal values based not on faith but on scientific findings, common experience and common sense.
"On Single Combat" by Si-Fu @GM_Kernspecht GBP 163.59 / US $217.00 #wingtsun #kungfu #book https://t.co/GELrhlAp2o
Action shots from the seminar Sept 9 Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Better Movement – More Power – Pure Function Knock… https://t.co/l0BoYBv5xC
After Kung Fu dinner @AntonsPastaBar, the best best Italian restaurant! Having with Sifu @ChrisChinfen a… https://t.co/yzYSgabnJc
After seven hours of intensive Wing Tsun Kung Fu, a triple-chocolate #cake from the best Italian bakery, Marco and… https://t.co/DvYO0VduQk
Sept 9 Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver Better Movement – More Power – Pure Function Knockout Self-Defense Skills Read:… https://t.co/3K7sIIAcFJ

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German-born self-defense expert, author, publisher; learning and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu since 1984. Twitter-Fu (tm) founder

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