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Congratulations NFC East Champs! #DallasCowboys https://t.co/CY04JYzE7z
We will never take our rights for granted... nor forget those who have fought and continue to fight to keep us free. https://t.co/nDglLFerw6
My scars tell a story. Not of defeat... but of healing. My/our best days and years are ahead.
Remembering the importance of this man's legacy and work today. #MLKDay https://t.co/F5J9xomnPB
People (your spouse, children, friends, and colleagues), don't need a lecture or your judgement... they need your love, example, and story.
We owe our veterans a debt that we can never repay. We honor all who have served this Veterans Day. Thank you! https://t.co/sdwaa8nC4O
Your name, company, and brand all represent a promise. Deliver on your promise today... and every day.
The greater message is never heard in our judgment… but in our love. Our job is not to morally police other people's lives.
Loyalty is just a word... until you have options... until you prove it to someone (including you).
Distracted driving – it’s never worth it. #JustDrive https://t.co/34s9RRuIsH
He's not in the condemnation business... He's in the transformation business.
Keep moving forward. #MLK http://t.co/Zz37xCkv9T
My scars tell a story... not of defeat, but of victory, perseverance, and His faithfulness.
If you judge people, you have no time to love them. #lovewins
To all our veterans – thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for our country. We honor and appreciate you. http://t.co/uISi0Tvhhk
✔ Alive ✔ Blessed ✔ Grateful
RT @Inspire_Us: Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.
When it comes to driving relevant traffic to your website, position yourself to be the provider of answers that people are seeking.
Look for every opportunity to add value. Serve with excellence.
If you take time to get the facts... much of the time you will speak differently. Your tongue is a rudder; it steers the whole ship.

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