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@JerPlaysWoW He abandoned the Horde.
@ellisondaug Get well soon!!
RT @ellisondaug: I may be extremely sick but at least i have @JINX and a onesie to make me feel better🤔😷 https://t.co/Gq1n4pRSex
@SteelScizor You should, yes. If you're curious about status though, email support@jinx.com and they can hook you up with info.
RT @khscar12: Shout out to @JINX for the amazing underjersey wear, keeps me warm in those freezing venues lol https://t.co/d3gDHDU2vw
@Alisaurer Yeah, getting very smooth on the runs. About 2 hours to get to KJ. All 1 shots.
@ChulozN @TeamLiquid I won't tell if you won't.
@Alisaurer Yeah.
KJ went ok and then the servers went down. Had to call raid early. Hope to see his demise Thursday.
Beard Watch 2017 Update - it seems the itching is mostly over now after it peaked 2 days ago. Current selfie below. https://t.co/u5il2W3aM6
@echofoxgg @TeamLiquid @Halo @witchergame @RocketLeague @PlayOverwatch @Warcraft @BlizzHeroes Yes, we're busy as all hell these days.
BONUS STAGE! New @echofoxgg @TeamLiquid @Halo @witchergame @RocketLeague @PlayOverwatch @Warcraft and @BlizzHeroes… https://t.co/aQqiWbCX9L
RT @overwatchleague: Your 12 Inaugural Season teams are locked. 🔒 Welcome Philadelphia, Dallas and Houston to the #OverwatchLeague! 📰 htt…
@Greenskull #titanfashion
Avatar down. All 1 shots so far.
Avatar then work on KJ. Pray to your master the Lich King we get it done.
Smoothest raid so far. Smoother than BBQ sauce on a pleasant fall evening.
@psmadrid99 https://t.co/mvANwwrbLm
If you're bored, come listen at https://t.co/qAi39R7S2g
RT @UGRGaming: Let's see what they did to my bae D. Va. @SteelSeries Headset Giveaway Tonight on Stream. Front Page @ 12 LIVE: https://t.c…

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