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RT @victorialuchka: Wow i just discovered black google. Instead of the screen white it's black to save battery
Happy St. Paddy's Day! Celebrate in style with a GREEN GOOGLE homepage & Irish Android widgets
Looking for style but still want to save? Give hot Pink Google Mobile a try!! #Web #Android
Black Google Android App Just Updated! Awesome New Features: Voice Actions Express and Multiple Widget Styles & Sizes!
$60 light bulb debuts on #EarthDay that lasts for 20 years, whoa!! Go get your green on this Sunday...
☆ New Android App ☆ Search in style with black text & voice search, instant suggestions and a sexy black home widget.
bGoog is now available in over 40 different international versions!! Check it out at
Want to keep your #Android or #iPhone running longer? Avoid using moving or animated backgrounds as they drain your battery much faster!
Stop searching for that signal!! When you are in a no service area turn off your phone or use airplane mode to save your battery! #green
RT @greencelebrity: Green Tech: Surf web via Smartphone with Black Google to go green? -- HOT TOPIC
Good tips from the New York Times! Four Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer:
Earth Day is almost here! How do you plan to get your green on this Friday??
Prepare yourself for #EarthHour March 26th at 8:30pm. Don't light candles as they use more carbon than bulbs. Have fun in the dark instead!!
Manually check your email as you need it to save battery life! Just disable the frequent scheduled checks which needlessly consume energy...
Set your display to turn off sooner when inactive! Check your phone settings and pick the shortest option to recharge less often. #battery
Search images in style and save energy at the same time with the new Black Google Images at #Green
@feedmyapp20 Black Is Green With Black Google Mobile! - Feedmyapp
GPS requires extra battery juice on your phone so only turn it on when you're too proud to ask for directions!
Use basic ring tones to help save battery power! Advanced ring tones may sound better but a dead phone sucks even more!
Search and save at #SaveEnergy

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Google with a black background for mobile phones that saves battery power, loads faster, uses less data (saves money), reduces eye strain and looks awesome!

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