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We're not going anywhere :-) (live at http://t.co/7Ef1P3Vh)
And here it is http://t.co/unvBtIN
@foreverWatts oh snap I thought I was! #yourestuckwithme
@DaynaAJ LOL!! I was just watching that, I'll have to post it. He went in!
@foreverWatts I haven't either! I'm going to post today or tomorrow.
@DaynaAJ Hey Missy its Tish, how did the test go?
@foreverWatts I had an allergy attack on the second plane. Been sick but feeling much better, did u post pics on fb?
I wonder does @VanessaHeshima do regular peoples hair? Hmmmm...
RT @JhontezHasaan: #younotfromdetroit if you had more than ONE white classmate
RT @JhontezHasaan: RT @DSTnEE13 #yournotfromDetroit if you didn't have the COMPLETE Guess outfit w/ the jacket to match--with the Coach ...
RT @JhontezHasaan: #yournotfromDetroit if you don't know about the Giant Slide
RT @Eminem: Imported from Detroit... The Chrysler spot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKL254Y_jtc
Good job Chrysler! Detroit what!!
@Stylish_Living Right! I saw the infomercial last night and kept waiting for the punchline. And they have the nerve to charge $50??

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I love shoes, I love to create, I love having fun, I love being with my family, that's me!!

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