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RT @EdMatts: "I am no better than the next trader, just quicker at realizing my losses and moving on to the next trade." George Soros
RT @MWellerFX: "The position size on my trades is determined by the stop, and the stop is determined on a technical basis" B. Kovner #Matts…
2014 Will Be The Best Year Ever! via @FirePips
@cyprustrader #EURJPY trade worked out great with +185 pips, purely technical trade helped by fundamentals,reached profit in no time #forex
United States Debt as a Percentage of GDP (1940-2012) via @visually #Forex #Trading
You dont need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money since there is random distribution between wins & losses #Forex
FED's #QE impact on Bonds and Dow 2008-2013 (image) #Forex #Trading #Currency
Euphoria & self sabotage are 2 powerful psychological forces that will have extremely negative effect on your #Performance #Forex #Trading
No trade has a guaranteed outcome therefore the possibility of being wrong & losing money is always present #RiskManagement #Forex #Trading
@MarcusHands To keep the max drawdown below 5% #Forex #Trading
@MarcusHands Not any more, now we use 0.5% max risk per trade #forex
GBPUSD in Range on Weekly & DT on Daily. If fail to break above then 200 pips downside potential (image) #forex #fx
$GBPUSD chart: $GBPUSD 200+ Pips Trade Setting Up.
@ardewhurst Replace "you" with "one" and "your" with "his/her" #no-offence
There is a huge gap between what you understand about the markets & your ability to transform that knowledge into consistent profits #forex
The taper camp was thrown a curveball, case for tightening has become less clear-cut (image) #Forex #Trading #Fx
1.About being wrong 2.Losing money 3.Missing out & 4.Leaving money on the table. What I call the 4 primary trading fears #Forex #Trading #fx
Everyone who trades learn something about market, few people who trade ever learn attitudes essential to becoming a consistent winner #Forex
USDJPY Long 99.43, moved Stop Loss to Break Even. Risk free trade. Aiming for 100.12 #Forex #Trading #Currency
Volatilty on the rise, Fundamentals lining up for Taper & Summer months coming to an end. Get ready!! (image) #Forex

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