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Zuckerberg outlines philanthropy goals. (Forbes) Story: https://t.co/0QjxY8Q0Kx
Johnson Amendment saved, for now. (NonProfit Times) Story: https://t.co/XUNC9GESLV
Teen’s tragedy inspires acts of kindness. (KGW Portland) Story: https://t.co/WQGL6fECd2
Hurricane hero is flooded with compassion. (KHOU 11 News) Story: https://t.co/dGFUg0jit4
Sumatran rhino ‘hanging on by a thread’. (BBC) Story: https://t.co/8qqKOVukYU
Tesla to blame for slide in US home solar sales. (Reuters) Story: https://t.co/agU0QdD6yN
Uranium firm lobbied to mine Bears Ears monument. (San Jose Mercury News) Story: https://t.co/OcgpiXw4n3
Report: America’s income inequality is on par with Russia’s. (CBS News) Story: https://t.co/kivlhE9Y07
Ban on Grand Canyon uranium mines upheld. (Guardian) Story: https://t.co/sjkgiFmSvz
Report: Inequality will increase without change. (ABC News) Story: https://t.co/QebdgeuXZF
What is the United States doing in the South China Sea?. (Forbes) Story: https://t.co/F7bk51JXM4
China continues to build on disputed islands. (Deutsche Welle) Story: https://t.co/o7Bq4uTwnF
Ugandans say govt poor on economy, corruption. (The Observer) Story: https://t.co/YsLSZPokGI
Can a GM banana solve Uganda’s hunger crisis?. (Guardian) Story: https://t.co/G1SqgBcVEw
Trump, tribalism and the end of American capitalism. (Al Jazeera) Column: https://t.co/tmXfLBcf1G
A vibrant press in the unlikeliest of places. (CNN) Column: https://t.co/opzLeg21Rq
Pakistan: One step forward, two steps back. (Deutsche Welle) Column: https://t.co/4uJTzTQPrV
Africa’s must-do decade. (https://t.co/QOxnFjRBtI) Column: https://t.co/IctokOT9wT
West needs a new political movement to reinvent itself. (Gulf News) Column: https://t.co/NW14u5nTFa
Women moan more than men, but it means deep down we are happier. (https://t.co/k4qgNWHIL8) Column: https://t.co/zolIsnMb2P

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