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“#Socialmedia listening: how to make it work for you?” @_AdamDoggett shares his thoughts in an interview with… https://t.co/02H7xiD6bs
Discover the uptake of Twitter amongst Argentinian #HCPs: more than 300 HCPs have tweeted over 10,000 times… https://t.co/ljIIsBv0OK
How did the winter #flu season of 2017 compare with 2016? There were more than twice as many UK HCP mentions of NHS… https://t.co/JgBxXfIgad
How did healthcare professionals react to the 2017 UK budget and its funding of the #NHS? https://t.co/AQPgEC7sIJ… https://t.co/78MojcQW1J
Get the thoughts of @_AdamDoggett on #Pharma use of social media, Senior Research Analyst, from an interview with… https://t.co/QiwmyUIVbK
Discover the uptake of Twitter amongst Argentinian #HCPs: At 32%, the largest proportion of HCPs in Argentina are b… https://t.co/C9KUutKgf4
Insights from HCPs' conversations show that campaigns for staff vaccination at the @NHS for 2017 were focused, driv… https://t.co/8X2j2wcyEo
Why is #socialmedia so important to the #pharmaceutical industry? Get the thoughts of @_AdamDoggett, one of our Sen… https://t.co/TApN8eXO5k
RT @BardenKatie: What HCPs say about Influenza season in the UK on social media: brace yourself it’s going to be a fluey season https://t.c…
RT @BardenKatie: @CREATION are speaking at SMI's Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference. As a speaker we get £100 off the…
RT @creationdaniel: 48 Influencer Marketing Platforms Connecting Brands To Content Creators https://t.co/Spqf0oLgdG great list @stedavies a…
RT @researchactive: I’m speaking on “The Social media revolution in surgical practice” at @SMIpharm event in London on 22nd January - check…
What role does #businessintelligence play in supporting effective drug launches? To find out read more from… https://t.co/UR7YJnHfhu
Learn how to engage your #HCP digital opinion leaders at #congress and in 9 other ways via @BardenKatie's latest po… https://t.co/QnAGDPeWN7
3 areas where insights-led tactics are emerging for #businessintelligence via @creationdaniel… https://t.co/TBpWqFJAgN
"Once we have identified our #HCP digital opinion leaders, what do we do next?" For 10 strategies read @BardenKatie… https://t.co/BpNAIZfHmo
Discover how #marketaccess; product differentiation; pre-launch awareness and advocacy can help launch your product… https://t.co/yVqWJFL8hp
10 ways #pharma can engage #HCP Digital Opinion Leaders via @BardenKatie https://t.co/dMGZX8n2YW #hcsm #engagement https://t.co/D5EKq6bzlt
How did healthcare professionals react to the recent UK budget and its funding of the #NHS? https://t.co/WNKT4aD1yY… https://t.co/3mkaWRPbKV
RT @pharmaphorum: What doctors say about the 2017 UK Budget and NHS funding. Social media insights from @creationdaniel https://t.co/PL2j0S…

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