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I've got a cat wearing a hat!
@OsoFreshFutbol Roscoes came up at work today. Might be on tonight's agenda as well
@PalaceParker The menu looked ok, but I was hoping for somethign a little closer since I'm still not 100%
So what you're telling me OpenTable is that my options for pre-Pantages dinner tonight are kitchy or burgers?
Um @frontgatetix, Looks like you sent me a reciept for 2012 coachella tickets.
Down with shiny scarves (or poor video quality)
@jrkumor coworkers are probably wondering why I had a giggle fit at that statement.
@AdrianAmler Both locations are great. Easy transit access is key.
@GalaxyPodcast Then sink it into real improvements and not a freaking jumbotron
Only one of those possible stadium locations on the #LAFC website would be awesome. Only one.
I love you Twitter. #LAFC is trending in the US.
@FutbolIntellect they were $15. I tried getting some the next day with no luck.
Maybe it's time to watch something like Battle Royale.
The neighbors are upset about this too. That's why she's banging pots around, right?
I just can't with today.
Back to game 7 and ready to weep with the rest of Los Angeles.
We're all disappointed with this play in game, right?
I've been waiting for that all season #DALvVAN
I'm unable to save this gif of Kobe calling Dwight "soft." Tonight just keeps getting worse.... Also someone send me that gif
RT @darrenrovell: All stadiums/arenas need to have this at concessions by now (via @PhilKingsTix)

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