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@brownamatthew yuuup
RT @airfarewatchdog: NYC #LGA to Los Angeles #LAX $150 round-trip on @AmericanAir for late summer/fall…
@cstmrsvc rumors of them playing coachella 2014
RT @FriendlyFAUX: Here's pictures of the Club America kids shopping at Ross.
@erraggy I read that as Billy Joel at first glance. Either way solid choices before 10pm
Ready for tomorrow's #MLSAllStar game
RT @BRiTTaLiTY: Probably one of the best vanity plates I have seen.
@brownamatthew well, it sounds like they're there in force 😔
@brownamatthew I see a few America shirts, but not nearly as many as I'd expect.
@brownamatthew the crowd is a shame. I would leave work early for this game.
@gato_veloz_4 exactly! Also, lots of future players you wouldn't see unless you have a chance to go to a youth/2 game.
That was pretty #HomeGrownGame
I really like these homegrown games. Actually I've been more excited about this game than any other game in the past and coming week.
So bomb threat in eagle rock. What is up with today?
@anHedonismBot haha gross
This is pretty much a true statement... however, it would be nice to have more than 2 years to fix LAX
New first: calling poison control.
@orecendiz 🙋🏼
@OsoFreshFutbol do cigarette's do the same thing?
If you don't hear from me, it's because the wasps won the battle of Allison's Doorway. I'm gonna go fight the wasps residing in my doorway.

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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