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@ElleJayCee_ I always want to see them but they never look good. Except today. I just saw mine. For the few pics I got, I looked ok
@ElleJayCee_ we don't look that cute
@ShadyTracey when do they not?
@ElleJayCee_ @brownamatthew lessened learned... Don't throw out my burrito!
@Pishogue I am the check writer in the cash only line
@valaxie you look adorable!
Thank goodness I recorded #lagalaxy game so I can see the first 32 minutes I missed trying to get into the parking lot. #LAvSKC
@ElleJayCee_ tell us more about the burrito incident
@wetsjg @LAGalaxy not even real traffic! Traffic created by a messy parking situation
Made it to my seat at 32:30 for #LAvSKC #LAGalaxy
@1morequietnight and they closed off a lot of lot entrances including. STH holder lots.
Thanks a lot @LAGalaxy. Lot 12 is closed where we have parking. Quite the cluster you have here #LAGvSKC
I'm at the corner of Victoria and Avalon, the corner of @StubHubCenter. If I make it in before the half, I'll be shocked. #LAGvSKC #LAGALAXY
Nails are ready for Wednesday! #patriotJN
@anHedonismBot nice!
Festival of Books is this weekend! I've always wanted to go but it always conflicted with Coachella. Is this the year? Nah, I'm gonna nap.
I'm kinda missing coachella right now. But I'm really missing my true love , @ILoveSpicyPie. 💕💕💕
@InDieRoq grown men with bottles. Would totally fit in at a rave
@mikegomez the one I don't have :(
Once after a few hours, Suavemente came on. I let out a big "wooo!" Then remembered I wasn't at the party... But danced anyway.

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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