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@ModoYogaLA Any idea on when It will open?
@ThatDamnYank yeah. Thank goodness it's not just me. Started really freaking me out
Wifi went out. While trying to fix it I lost phone service. Creepy.
Are there any pharmacies that fill prescriptions 24 hours in #hlp or #eaglerock? Or anywhere even close-ish
Eagle Rock, I'm really in no mood for your fire crackers and fake sirens tonight. Save it for tomorrow or Friday or never. K? K.
Props to my mom. She's been in the hospital or recovery home since April. I was there for an evening and turned into a baby.
@brendamoffitt got a while left it seems
@jrichardson25 oh right! I installed it but never added any books. Might go do that now. Thanks!
If you don't want me staring at the laser don't put the "don't stare at the laser beam" sticker right next to it.
Just found out there is a tv in my bed bay! Missed the game but there has got to be something else on, right?
In n Out is across the street. So close, yet so far.
@wetsjg just moved to town too!
I want everyone else to be quiet so I can hear this guy. He's talking about past tours.
The respiratory therapist working next door has a phd in architectural art history. Also was in the military #eavesdropping
Oh it's the doctor's first day working at the hospital.
A few of the beds near me have TVs. Jealous. Wheel of fortune isn't as entertaining when you can't see the puzzle
@D_Battiato it's cheaper than this crap, but not a cheap as free water fountain water
In case you can't tell I'm really bored. Kids, remember to always carry a book with you.
$2 for a small bottle of dasani water. It's not even good water. What a ripoff.

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