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@LeslieJ_ @1morequietnight After you drop it off at the insurance's body shop, they should be able to take you to the rental place
@LeslieJ_ @1morequietnight The insurance will send you to a location once he inspects your car. They'll give you a budget for a compact
Friday's are supposed to be all green traffic days. Why have i been on this on ramp for 30 minutes?
@LeslieJ_ check behind the liquor stores
@MrjSykes @LeslieJ_ I feel like I should be playing age of empires and singing along, not stuck in traffic as singing.
.@MrjSykes @LeslieJ_ this is happening right now
@citojm when I had a membership, I would buy dinosaur chicken nuggets in bulk
@brownamatthew it was too late for you too, youngster.
Future Islands should have just taken the stage. So happy that I sold those tickets. 30 Days in LA was meant for people much younger than me
@citojm omg. You can buy those in bulk?! Maybe that Costco membership could be worth it
@OsoFreshFutbol living in LA, near Pasadena it's an ordeal to get there as well. I used to work a few blocks away, then it was cool
@citojm legit. Pls send one
@MrjSykes @LeslieJ_ my 2000-2002 playlist will be bumpkin' tomorrow morning... Well as much as you can bump Dashboard and Promise Ring.
@OsoFreshFutbol the parking there is so terrible. And it's so far from a freeway. The ice cream sounded better in the end
Sweet cream infused with walnut oil ice cream. Verdict: delicious. Tummy ache after: not so delicious.
@InDieRoq see you there on the 2nd?
There was a very real moment tonight where a trip to the Troubador almost happened. Then I saw ice cream. Salt & Straw, just as good.
Walnut oil ice cream! @ Salt & Straw Larchmont Village
@brownamatthew @MrjSykes I don't even know. Tell me more about next month?
@brownamatthew @MrjSykes how am I just hearing about this now?! Pick you up in 15.

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