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This is the best Friday twitter has seen in a while. You kids are on a roll tonight.
@LeslieJ_ I actually LOL'ed at that one. Good job.
@1morequietnight in non HD, it's about 2, 30 minute episodes per percentage. Technology is amazing
I already have 39 episodes of the Simpsons on my DVR. This could get very ugly very soon.
@LeslieJ_ swipe right!
I've been home for more than 20 minutes. I don't think a Friday commute home has ever been faster.
@thebluehoodie Caribou dance party?
@andrescruz Oh no. That sounds terrible? When will you know for sure?
"I've sat through mercy and I've sat through forgiveness. Now we get to the good stuff" "hell, hell, hell, hell" #everysimpsonsever
@mindcradle I've been bothered by the seeding. @Grantland33 really messed up. Farley vs Nealon, Schneider and Gasteyer so low
@MrjSykes because it's not cool if no one hears how uncool you think it is.
@andrescruz My case was pretty extreme though. Years of non or improper treatment made it difficult.
@andrescruz I did physical therapy for a while. Lots of calf stretching and massages on top of silly arch exercises.
@InDieRoq At least we saw them!
@andrescruz It's not fun at all.
RT @bleeinternets: The sickest burn #cubs #starwars
This is what, the 4th set of police cars speeding up Eagle Rock blvd? This one had a truck of some sort speeding along as well. What is up?
Major police drama speeding down eagle rock blvd
Working on clearing the DVR for @EverySimpsons. Would delete this law & order episode, but I think it has an x-files villain in it.
@brownamatthew @ao_losangeles @metrolosangeles true. But you can't go in the returning direction on the transfer

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