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I'm finally not feeling sick. Is it too late to get some Tommy's?
Come on Corona, music venues would never let you chill in a crowd with a glass bottle.
@LeslieJ_ because Howler is a nice, oversized, & pricey magazine, I make sure the box is empty around delivery time because of tearing fears
@LeslieJ_ the postman just keeps stuffing stuff in that doesn't fit. It takes all my strength to open the box sometimes.
All junk mail, election flyers (junk), 3 bills I've already paid, and a coupon for a case of water. My trash can went from empty to full.
There is now room in my mailbox for the new @whatahowler. Postman really stuffed it full
I wish they'd also show Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
@WhompThereItIs aww thanks
"Only strike out of the night for Shields" and that answers my question: how is it only the 4th?
RT @rilaws: I think my politics are best described as Deep Impact/Dante's Peak. I really have a hard time with Armageddon/Volcano people.
That background music too. RT @Jezebel: Here's a panda masturbating on film for the first time:
I think I'm ready to try something more substantial than water. Sadly, I have no sick person friendly foods at home :(
RT @DowntownLobby: Biz Markie, Peanut Butter Wolf and more will be throwing down all vinyl sets at the Echplex! Details here:…
Pretty sure I'll be able to fit into my old jeans by the time I stop being sick.
Welp, it was a good blanket while it lasted.
Also, those leftovers were probably no good either.
I really wouldn't mind cramping so bad that I puke at 5am, if it took away the nausea that I've had since the plane ride last week.
There are fireworks going on. Please give me a break
@writemeahaiku also, life
RT @writemeahaiku: Another thing that can be said for Halloween parties: if you want to walk around in high heels, by all means go for it. …

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