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RT @jadande: Meanwhile, in LA, NBA players are chatting with Lil Wayne at halftime and mascots are tweeting about a car chase
How little traffic there has been the last 10 mins of this chase is amazing. Thought he was done for at 10/PCH due to usually traffic
@noahphex I don't expect any big reveal, but I'm super excited to talk about it and if there is some news, not to read it on Twitter
@noahphex people are terrible.
@noahphex no delay for people in other time zones?
@LeslieJ_ i don't like listening on the way to work, so I'm not sure when I can hear it. I'm not even sure what to expect
I have about 20 minutes left of last week's episode left and probably won't get to listen first thing in the morning.
So how long is the spoiler free period after tomorrow's @Serial finale?
@OsoFreshFutbol @LeslieJ_ I think the regular lyfts and users don't have the right to pick up at airports. They were doing it illegally b4
RT @TheAwesomePlay: This is the good morning I got when I arrived to the playground. I'm so sad and frustrated by this……
@MrjSykes I don't trust that particular author. Had problems with her work in teh past
Hey @FLOOD_magazine, send me to #GEOGRAPHER @theglasshouse" for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Geographer at The Glass House!
@MrjSykes @OsoFreshFutbol @FutbolIntellect LA Live is the worst thing about Downtown and has not contributed to its redevelopment
It smells like McDonald's hotcakes in the office. 👍
@WhompThereItIs hash brown tokens!
@oakjaws you can borrow one of mine. Just don't lose it
@LeslieJ_ do it. Try something different
@mikegomez that exactly
Why does Burger King even serve anything other than breakfast? It's like Arby's have it once every 5 yrs to remind yourself that it's gross
@dwyercd wheeerrreee? This looks like it could make for a fun Tuesday night read

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