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@LeslieJ_ that is terrifying!
What's the point of catcalling me on the freeway? Think I'm gonna pull over and be all "here's my number, gross dude?"
RT @MLSmuppet: I've customized the new #MLS logo for some of my best friends.
@1morequietnight season 3 is mine but season 4 is so close as well.
@Pishogue haha forgot about that one
@adamsteinbaugh which uprising was this?
iOS 8 has a way to get off group messages from what I've heard. Might be testing that out tonight.
@1morequietnight and season 8 too. Season 4 is my second favorite but wow were some just bad.
Bette Midler on the Simpsons. Think some Bette tunes might be on tonight's agenda.
@1morequietnight this is Field Where I Died and Sanguarium and some other I hate. Pretty much none of the good season 4 eps
Got really excited about finding an X-Files marathon on tv, only to see that it's the worst of Season 4. Still gonna watch it.
After the midnight donut run and this morning's hard shell taco feast, I think I need to eat veggies for the next week. #sadarteries
RT @CuteEmergency: If I see a mouse put forth this kind of effort, he deserves to live in my house
@sexy_jax hahaha hope you are ok
@sexy_jax ouch! From one of the shots?
Dear @echofon can you just display all my tweets? Thanks.
Oh you know, just yelling at my tv because #NYRB scored against Seattle.
It's almost time for piƱata making at The Stub Hub Center! #lagalaxy
@Shadowpsykie I didn't go, just really wanted some
Totally late on this but someone needs to find Teibert a new barber. Yikes. #PORvVAN

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