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Anything other than pure gushing over the amazingness of my first ham will not be tolerated.
@ShadyTracey 👍👍👍👍
Cooking to Crystal Castles. Still have so many emotions about their break-up.
Already reading fantasy baseball reports. What has become of my life?
@cstmrsvc oh god, that's the worst one. Godspeed. And go back at 3am.
@dcwilson303 best. Description. Ever. It's been a cesspool of terribleness lately.
@cstmrsvc if you went at 7pm you'd be a masochist, now you're just normal.
The @TheEconomist is by far one of the best Twitter follow decisions ever. Today I read about airlines, obesity, and sports.
RT @TheEconomist: How big should an international sporting tournament be?
@FutbolIntellect @MrjSykes another reason to get a record player!
@FutbolIntellect @MrjSykes tell me more about this release, pls
RT @BabyAnimalPics: Alpaca my bags
Only had 4 hours of sleep for the first 48 hours. Spent the last night eating pizza and watching the lakers lose in my hotel room.
Just realized it's been almost 2 yrs since the "NCAA DIII Badminton All-Stars" tour of Seattle w/@InDieRoq. That was a great trip title.
Ugh, this just makes me wish old Mindy Project episodes and Happy Endings were on Netflix or hulu
This self made Double feature of #themindyproject and #marryme is perfect for peeling and chopping 15lbs of potatoes.
The Whittier El Atacor has nothing on the Cypress Park and Highland Park locations. Nothing.
Edited for TV 21 Jump Street is not cool. Also, dish one is complete. Onto cleaning and prepping dish number two.
Cooking thanksgiving dinner and watching 21 Jump Street. This is what the holidays are all about.

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