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@OsoFreshFutbol @SeanSteffen I tried watching the episode but got 30 minutes in and called it quits. Not good.
@OsoFreshFutbol @SeanSteffen that digital short was great.
@SeanSteffen I would watch that, then get angry that they had enough of a credit card limit to buy a plane ticket
Mom texts are so awkward
@SeanSteffen they've had like 40 school shootings. That is an inevitable situation.
@noahphex I don't think we have that here. So I'm sticking with Mashed Potatoes. It really can't be the chicken
I guess everyone is craving mashed potatoes because this KFC line is not moving
@OsoFreshFutbol Weekend two usually ships later so that's good to hear. I've been nervous about it.
@OsoFreshFutbol I'm gonna do it anyway because I'm an optimist. Or not, this looks super grim. I hadn't checked twitter all morning
Brad Davis is trending in the US. Nothing else about the #CBA or #MLS, just Brad Davis and his 9 years with Houston.
@MrjSykes @newbeverly that's my back up plan as well! if not, saturday night's date night event.
RT @kcrw: Without Art Laboe, I’m So Lonely I Could Cry (via @thepublicsquare)
I really cannot handle injections of any kind. I'm still having some pain from the ones I got Friday.
RT @ericdadourian: thx @metrolosangeles if I didn't ride the train I wouldn't have seen a duck on the Gold Line last night. #RideMetro http…
Crock pot cooked chicken made into enchiladas. Deliciousness ahead 🙌
@OsoFreshFutbol ok. A friend got hers, but no one else I know has heard a thing.
@OsoFreshFutbol hey have you received your coachella tickets?
This Wells Fargo banker is telling me I can use a debit/credit card w/o my name in it anywhere... Because he loses his often. Reassuring.
@1morequietnight I did not see that ending coming AT curious to find out what the favor Sam called in.
@anHedonismBot @mikegomez my mom was there!!

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