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@DeNeil10 did you see his people-like hands?
Who was steaming music all the way home today then smartly left her phone charger at work? Yup, me.
There is a family doing homework at the table next to mine
Pretty pictures on flowers on my feed. I want flowers. 🌷💐🌸 Spring, right?
@hugi_nho Yup. I left at 79' and the US was leading
@hugi_nho add an "s" to that last word
I remember when I used to come home from work excited to rewatch the games. Haven't had strength to torture myself with that in ages.
Welp. no suprise here.
So my WatchESPN feed is about two mintues behind. Thanks for the spoilers on the Jozy goal.
@dwyercd So is my ESPN Watch feed
Jozy. What are you doing Jozy?
I'd really like to go to Denmark again. It was pretty awesome. Son't think I cared for the food much, though.
RT @AO_SantaMonica: @SiriusXMFC is broadcasting the game on XM radio if you can't get to a viewing party. Nice job @SiriusXMFC! @AmericanOu…
Those kids look cold.
@1morequietnight have you seen this one yet?
Found a sub-$400 fare to Boston. It was also a red eye. And it sold out before i could buy it. So, it's going to be that kind of day...
@OsoFreshFutbol If it were still the 80s, also make bank working a 1-900 number
My neighbors need to stop fighting. It was too late last night and it's too early right now
@1morequietnight I identify seasons by the milder and scully hair. But in college, we'd pull random photos and play guess the episode
First thing I thought when I saw this photo was the episode it was from (home)

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