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@Adrian_Charlie @KyleCharlie happy birthday to your bro!
@MsMalloryWrites congrats!
@cahcat I'm only about to start episode 5. I'm dying to keep watching, but needing to sleep has prevented that
RT @vulture: #GirlMeetsWorld is headed for high school in season 3:
@cahcat I had to stop watching at night. I was having dreams where someone was compelling me to wake up constantly after watching!
Last night I was really missing going out on the best party night of the year. But now, I'm so happy to be home and on my couch. #olds
Remember when we all used to go out and live it up the night before thanksgiving and then show up tthe next day w/last night's handstamps?
Never letting someone else do the holiday grocery shopping again. This has been tiring.
Seriously. If they expect me to cook with sweet butter I'm calling this all off. No mashed potatoes. You can't use sweet butter on this!!!!
Oh sweet baby turkey! I'm expected to make 10lbs of mashed potatoes with sweet butter?! Who cooks with sweet butter?! 😳
Been food prepping for the past 3.5 hours with probably another hour left. I'm pretty much over thanksgiving dinner at this point
As an adult this would creep me out. As a small child, I can't imagine.
Stuffed fox and unicorn heads for mounting are a thing in baby bedroom decor apparently.
@PalaceParker oh pretty please! Ps Chopard has some gorgeous watches. Just spent my break gawking.
I have the urge to look at diamond earrings and necklaces. Solution: Chopard. Pretty bling I even couldn't pretend to afford in my dreams.
@adamsteinbaugh bwahaha serious?
RT @adamsteinbaugh: When they ran a revenge porn site, these guys claimed that "Big Porn" paid @Popehat and me $350k to criticize them. htt…
Tonight isn't the night it seems. I'm going to go eat a pizza and go home to a probably dark apartment.
Oh good.
I have a rule. I don't go to city hall with a complaint unless I also have someone to praise.

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