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Um, So the Made in America fest is coming to LA. If it's line up is as fun as last year, I'm down
@bwfast @MLS That's why most teams draw bigger crowds than baseball?
@dwyercd really? I've never seen them in teh US but in London, I was eating a sandwich around 2GBP
RT @mikegomez: NOOOOOOO!!!! - "One in five beers sold in America is a Bud Light" via @voxdotcom
@ThatDamnYank what. Channel?
RT @InDieRoq: Perfect pocket view of #EDM & popstar darling #EllieGoulding for #Localchella @ Fox Theater
A house just sold near me for $1M. A few years ago I could've bought a place here on a 1 person income. Conclusion: never gonna own a home
Finished the most recent 30 for 30. Someone send some sort of mood lightener this way.
@1morequietnight @LeslieJ_ just got to that part. Yup, tears.
@InDieRoq have tons of fun!
@1morequietnight @LeslieJ_ I started crying again when they showed the plaque with the victim's name and age as 10 years old.
@adra21 that sounds amazing!
Oh my. This @30for30 is brutal.
@adra21 who are you seeing?
Or booking an appointment to pick up the ones I already have. B/c now there are no tickets & no pick up appts available before the 1st game
So instead of staring at the wall not sleeping, I could have been tryign to get my USAvsGer world cup tickets
Chvrches #localchella @ The Glass House
Follow up/ this is my view at Chvrches. I'm only 8/9 people back too. #localchella @ The Glasshouse…
This needs to be everywhere at this Chvrches show

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