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RT @danroan: Visa threatens to withdraw sponsorship unless "change" at FIFA. Does that mean change of President? Pressure building http://t…
@dwyercd @ElleJayCee_ it was all overwhelming. Every few minutes the story updating last night. Waking up to a press conference this morning
@dwyercd honestly, I was so fifa'ed out by 4pm. I had to step away from the Twitter fun.
I love that Riley Curry is the number one trending topic in the U.S. And FIFA was trending here all day as well. You've done good Twitter.
@ElleJayCee_ that is the dream.
@HeyDanGargan better than after the last RSL game.
RT @SLAMonline:
This ESPN host does not like kids at the post game press interviews. Fine. I don't like him.
Co-signed someone who drove for 1hr50min #LAGALAXY #LAvRSL RT @FutbolIntellect: The Galaxy should never play on Wednesdays.
RT @LAGalaxy: STAT: That was the #LAGalaxy’s first penalty they’ve scored against Nick Rimando in eleventy million attempts. #LAvRSL
In a non-soccer tweet for the day. I'm currently in 4th place in #fakebaseballs
RT @C_Alemshah: 1 hour til live chat about my Jamberry biz at #whimsygirlbizchat Wed 5/27 1pm-2pm PST. Ask me a ?, earn #free #nailwraps & …
Ian Darke is such an elegant speaker
@C_Alemshah let me know if you need any help with your event!
In the midst of all the #Fifa stuff I didn't even realize airline was traded. See ya.
@anHedonismBot 👍🏼
RT @AndrewDasNYT: Man I love the @nytimes some days. First nail salon owners, now FIFA. No villains are safe.
@allinthepass they will sing and Blatter will be going to places with no extradition agreements when they do.
@OsoFreshFutbol not gonna lie, i thought about that too
@OsoFreshFutbol you know someone will try to point a finger at him

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