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All day I was excited about Indian food. I stopped home to change, put on the saved by the bell movie as background. 2 hrs later, still here
@AdrianAmler @OsoFreshFutbol the shade is good but the ceilings will also trap in the heat
@AdrianAmler @OsoFreshFutbol that would be so hot during summer and afternoon games.
@MrjSykes I did that for a few years. It became so time consuming but fun seeing all these new to me movies.
@YahooCare Hey, I shouldn't have to unsubscribe to your spam emails more than once, let alone 6 times.
@1morequietnight I'm actually a huge fan of his other show. HUGE. Amy grew on me. I saw her 1st ep late, but that made me like her more
Found an allergy pill on my desk. The extra good one too. Everything's coming up Milhouse.
So @latimes paywall does not reset at the start of the month
@anHedonismBot my life
@thebluehoodie not the return of Girls?
@ItsASmallGirl it's hard to tell sometimes when it takes on swarm. Sometimes it seems like they don't go through
@1morequietnight he has had his highs over the years but Clara sometimes makes me feel like all that is negated
@1morequietnight moffat is terrible. Clara is like his dream girl. He couldn't write a woman for more than an episode if his life depended
Lady skill I've never learned: how to give myself a decent manicure.
I might just have to stop watch Dr Who until Clara leaves. Are there any redeeming qualities to her?
@1morequietnight yes! There is a special place in hell for people who don't follow that rule.
@wornwhite omg I wanted one too! It looked so glamorous. Trying to get a friend hooked on it now.
@LeslieJ_ if they don't open until 11, that must mean no :(
Since today is a holiday, do you think that means restaurants have menudo today?
RT @mattdpearce: This concert is pretty cool. Then Aoki started screaming shout-outs to Eric Garcetti to a bunch of ravers and I want to ch…

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