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RT @Superherologist: Yep, peaceful season finale on The Walking Dead. It was about time those puppies & kittens promised in season 1 showed…
Just don't ask Carol for cookies when she's busy. RT @CarlosGerboles @ActionChick i want her to adopt me !!!!!
Carol totally owned season 5 of #TheWalkingDead
"He slimed me." -Rick Grimes #TheWalkingDead
On tonight's #TheWalkingDead, Carol proves she is the hardest mofo of all.
"The Word of God is the only protection I need." Yeah, let's see how well that works out for ya. #TheWalkingDead
A post-apocalyptic ass-whoopin' is just my style! #TheWalkingDead
RT @RocketLlama: Tonight's #TheWalkingDead predictions: Rick learns the true meaning of friendship & Carl gets a puppy.
Who's your favorite female villain and why?
AFC Classic: Film Review- Ebony, Ivory, & Jade (1976)! - AFC Classic: Film Review- Ebony, Ivory, &... http://t.co/K7bPcijv8z
:) http://t.co/ZgnNjF0OWG RT @jtothewill @Laneit360 @ThisIsRadPod @ActionChick Haven't read it yet! Looks...great!
I wonder if Star Trek's replicators could replicate poop.
Those attending @WonderCon- don't miss "The Most Dangerous Women at WonderCon: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly" http://t.co/s19evOfFHA
RT @Artemis_FF: Get your tickets for #artemisfilmfestival here! Leave us a message below for info! #womenkickass… https://t.co/vt58iuHfTy
!!! RT @ThatChrisGore I am humbled at all the love so far. Thank you. #SaveFilmThreat #BringBackDVDuesday #AOTS https://t.co/jWJBPRtAz8
The Walking Dead 5-14: The Gloves Come Off - The Walking Dead 5-14: The Gloves Come Off (As always, spoiler... http://t.co/ji6usgBdzS
Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys! #TheWalkingDead
"Mother dick." #TheWalkingDead
Friday the 13th: Movies that Gave You Childhood Nightmares! - Friday the 13th: Movies that Gave You... http://t.co/H8psRiFrku
RT @terryandrob: The End.

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