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Pop over to https://t.co/EiyC9oeieA and support a really awesome film festival about film's most ass-kicking ladies! #WomenInFilm
Superb finale for a superb show. Hope to see more great ladies like Leslie Knope on TV #knopeforpresident #parksfarewell #ParksandRecFinale
RT @IamMelanieWise: Serious rewards! #crowdfunding campaign http://t.co/BAkVqIIW6N Rewards that make your mark! @Artemis_FF http://t.co/pfG…
The Walking Dead 5-11 Recap: Stranger Danger - The Walking Dead 5-11 Recap: Stranger Danger  “The Distance”... http://t.co/01K0vF7cy0
No matter what, the food in Alexandria's gonna be way better than it was in Terminus. #TheWalkingDead
You know you've got issues trusting people when you're relieved to see a couple of zombies come out of the woods. #TheWalkingDead
Rick's people skills have gone downhill a bit. #TheWalkingDead
RT @IamMelanieWise: We are very excited Katrina Hill @ActionChick is judging at fest!! @Artemis_FF Queen of ass-kickin women! http://t.co/8…
Woo! RT @Artemis_FF Just got $1000 donation #ArtemisFilmFest is 14% funded!! #crowdfunding http://t.co/p63abJZqR2 @Helen_Oakleigh @Rileah
The Walking Dead 5-10 Recap: Hot Dogs for Lunch, Depression for Dinner - The Walking Dead 5-10 Recap: Hot... http://t.co/HQjq4XAD7C
Dang Carl's a freaking man now. Next time on #TheWalkingDead, Carl does his taxes and considers switching car insurance.
Mmmm! Dog food! #thewalkingdead
Maaan, Red Sasha's bringing the PAIN! #TheWalkingDead
I'd be pumped to see another #Alien movie- after the last couple of Alien flicks there's nowhere to go but up :P @mikegonzalez2k
RT @rickswift: “@ZADF_ORG: A New Sequel For The #Tremors Franchise http://t.co/bwrfVuKbJl #horror #MovieNews http://t.co/7tnkGAQHuX” @Acti…
RT @IamMelanieWise: Love this! Makes me think of @leah_Cevoli @ActionChick & many strong women out there! #teambossygals #womenkickass http…
The Walking Dead 5-9 Recap: Humanity and Tragedy - The Walking Dead 5-9 Recap: Humanity and Tragedy Beware... http://t.co/rNwO7oaoKX
Never would have expected #TheWalkingDead to return like that.
Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! #TheWalkingDead
The Walking Dead!!!

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