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Ten Sure Signs a Character is Going to Die - Ten Sure Signs a Character is Going to Die When Breaking Bad... http://t.co/lTmL7z0v47
Right back at you! RT @actiongirlbooks Love your blog @ActionChick - and the twitter handle!
Yes! I think JC's The Thing is one of the best horror movies ever made. Great cast, effects, and paranoia! @amadeuswolfman
Five Frosty Flicks- Movies That Make You Say "BRR!" - Five Frosty Flicks- Movies That Make You Say “BRR!”... http://t.co/PIjcdTznTJ
RT @RocketLlama: Just read on @io9 that @79semifinalist will be writing the awesome-looking new Jem & the Holograms comic! Way to go, yo!
Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker is almost unbearably cute. #nintendoisback
Babadook is a fun word to say and a fun movie to watch.
AFC Classic: Resident Evil: Afterlife Review- Blood Pumping, Brain Dead Action - AFC Classic: Resident... http://t.co/8k3FvFl3cv
Wish I could play #PlantsvsZombies again for the first time- https://t.co/ByKAFSI4bE @XardicPenguin 's Let's Play brings back good memories!
RT @HershelGreene1: Last Time Rick Made A Proposal, I Lost My Head. #TheWalkingDead
So what IS about to happen on @WalkingDead_AMC #TheWalkingDead midseason finale?
Unconfirmed but we do know that the midseason finale made Norman cry for an hour. RT @CarlosGerboles SOMEONE IS DYING?
Last chance to guess why #TheWalkingDead @WalkingDead_AMC midseason finale upset Norman Reedus @wwwbigbaldhead, Daryl. WHO'S GONNA DIE?
I'm celebrating Thanksgiving by watching Showgirls because that's how I roll. #awesomesaucegoesgreatwithturkey
Gobble Gobble- Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes! - Gobble Gobble- Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes! Ah,... http://t.co/1kG5m5ZbVD
RT @Xandersboy: Here's a pic I took of @ActionChick @wwwbigbaldhead & @Michael_Rooker at #TWD panel in Austin. http://t.co/gWa5w5hc
The Walking Dead 5-4, 5-5, and 5-6: Doctors Without Morals - The Walking Dead 5-4, 5-5, and 5-6: Doctors... http://t.co/ji02hXOpWr
Happy happy! RT @zenbitch @filmgurl @Clarabela ... @ReelArtsy @KellyWhyte @1416andcounting Hope you guys are doing well! holiday season...
RT @RocketLlama: This episode of Friends brought to you by Peter Bonerz, the man with the greatest name ever. http://t.co/sf1JLOh2zJ
11 women changing geek culture by @anngeeksout http://t.co/HPKv7KdNJ7 … @HerUniverse @JennaBusch @onezumi @6Gems @ktanenbaum & more!

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