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RT @Superherologist: Bruce Campbell/Ash's (@GroovyBruce) chain-saw is fueled by grooviness, @JasonT
Le Mort De Mortdecai: Johnny Depp is Box Office Poison - Le Mort De Mortdecai: Johnny Depp is Box... http://t.co/dRTZ99D5hc
Oh, yeah!!!! RT @Leah_Cevoli: @IamMelanieWise @ActionChick this is a perfect match!!
RT @k_writes: THIS PUPPY LOOKS SO HAPPY ❤️ RT @CuteEmergency: awww yeahhhh http://t.co/u1AqIUpfHk
Thanks, Leeza! RT @LeezaGibbons: @letlifehappen @BestEverYou @ConsultingChick @CarrieWilkerson @ActionChick @JeanetteJoy...Love This Group!
! RT @josoar150 Superfight Live - Michael Rooker Goes Biblical (With Shane West, @GrantImahara, @AdrianneCurry) http://t.co/uxDkRd3xuS
RT @RocketLlama: How to Lose a Guy in the Jungles of Vietnam and then Rescue Him After 10 Days #ToughGuyRomComs
Silver Bullets Playbook #ToughGuyRomComs
RT @kenflott: If you're an Action Movie Fan you need this book! "Action Movie Freak" by Katrina Hill @ActionChick http://t.co/VYsfZwCgmm
RT @RocketLlama: Are the Smurfs the only Smurfs in their world, or just a single tribe of a much larger species? How do they reproduce? #im…
Stanley Tucci: Little Hair, Lots of Talent - Stanley Tucci: Little Hair, Lots of Talent For every Chris... http://t.co/9wU6rKCGoW
I love my @FunkoPOPvinyl figures, but some of their bodies are way too little- Buffy in particular keeps drunkenly tumbling over.
"I won't need pants, right?" #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview
I'm not sure I want to know why #Dickpoop is trending right now.
Man, @PizzaHut keeps doing weird stuff with their menu. I bet right now they're trying to fill their pizzas with additional, smaller pizzas.
Interesting.... #kylemaclachlan's performance/character was definitely my favorite part of #TwinPeaks, so I'm excited to see his return.
Video: New Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5 Going back and re-watching The Walking Dead from season... http://t.co/wdL3JN4APY
Oh yeah! @artemis_ff @scruffyrebel You can count me in!
Snoopy avoided the whole zombie ordeal by smartly staying on top of his doghouse @amadeuswolfman
AFC Classic: Which Iconic Film Characters Should Fight Zombies? - AFC Classic: Which Iconic Film Characters... http://t.co/OzPrrI5r5C

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