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Watching #Sharknado2 makes me wish for a Burgerquake- a geological phenomenon where the Earth splits open and spills delicious cheeseburgers
AFC Classic: Must Watch Movies from the '80s: Lethal Weapon (1987) - AFC Classic: Must Watch Movies from... http://t.co/XJCIFCxJpx
RT @RocketLlama: I don't know where this "Smithereens" place is, but I bet it's popular because apparently everyone gets blown there.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. You guys really know how to make a person feel loved.
RT @Superherologist: Called it! I pegged who would get the Dale (comic book Dale) treatment. #TheWalkingDead
I've been eating birthday cake for two days and my birthday is tomorrow. #dontcare #ilovecake
! RT Considered not attaching my name to this post for fear reasons. That’s how bad it’s gotten. http://t.co/v5KIqsEmGi … #StopGamerGate2014
Ignore what I just posted, folks. Apparently my FB got hacked :( I'm fixing it right now.
Awesome new webseries by @pattyjrobinson & co: Pike & Trident! It's got time travel! Epic medieval battles! Watch it: http://t.co/Uy5Q8sI8kF
RT @kait_zilla: #StopGamerGate2014 because we shouldn't have to be CONVINCING you that human lives matter more than video games reporting
Makes me want to scream. RT @JennaBusch: UPDATE: Anita Sarkeesian has canceled her appearance at the University. http://t.co/aZnkuypozg …
The threat is against Anita Sarkeesian speaking. HER FREEDOM OF SPEECH. RT @froonding_loom: wait, are you defending the student's actions?
Remember freedom of speech? http://t.co/sv6L5V1IpM
@groo_fan I will possibly be at Wondercon 2015. Don't know for sure yet.
Yes! RT @rickswift: @ActionChick I love when Rick said "these people don't get to live." Cuz, yea, they SO don't!
The Walking Dead 5-1: Sanctuary My Ass - The Walking Dead 5-1: Sanctuary My Ass Beware spoilers below!... http://t.co/LTHJKs21Q5
The Walking Dead 5-1: Sanctuary My Ass http://t.co/wsT3Ny72p7 http://t.co/SdzpGvRrqr
That was the most satisfying season premiere of #TheWalkingDead !!
EVERYONE @TheStarWarsGuru
So psyched for the return of #thewalkingdead! Can't wait to see what trouble Rick's Rebels get into this season.

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