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TV's Five Greatest Bromances! - TV’s Five Greatest Bromances! Get Yo’ Bromance On! TV’s Best Bromances A... http://t.co/nQpmAJPQJO
Several of you wondered how many people get fired for what they say on social media. That's a different question.
I wonder what % of people using social media wind up getting jobs through it.
! RT @Superherologist: "The world needs villains so there can be heroes." No, Happy Valley, it doesn't... http://t.co/Z4SPGgKdZM
What movie are you looking forward to seeing next?
AFC Classic: Bloodsport (1988): You Just Got Van Dammed! http://t.co/SBlBxiLyzC http://t.co/SPeX4MBaVw
It's amazing how calm #Community season 1 is compared to its later episodes. #rewatch #sixseasonsandamovie
It's not a terrible game, @bcreativ2003 but The Sims 4 misses the mark enough that I would recommend fans just stick with 3 for now.
RT @ArcadeSushi: .@ActionChick weighs in on @TheSims 4 with her review. Are all the changes really that bad? http://t.co/8Kz51yrzIH
RT @mydaughtersarmy: Sir Patrick Stewart on being an old white man... http://t.co/bxU1XUNWQ7
Hello, twitter. Let's talk sandwiches.
GAGA PSA 2: Electric Boogaloo ('90s PSA Parody) - GAGA PSA 2: Electric Boogaloo (’90s PSA Parody) At last,... http://t.co/q4mIwUm7Nz
GAGA PSA 2: Electric Boogaloo (’90s PSA Parody) http://t.co/ml21LJ3NdM http://t.co/gU9hv2NuCT
Moo Moo Meadows 15 times in a row is both hilarious and awful #MarioKart8
RT @JennaBusch: Wonderful article about not blaming the victims of the nude photo leaks by @Superherologist in @PsychToday. http://t.co/CDb…
Seriously! The victims did not choose to share those in ANY form. RT @naked_ape... trying to avoid even 'censored' pics
RT @_LostScientist: @ActionChick Plz give these two a signal boost: @CCRInitiative & @EndRevengePorn. They're fighting to criminalize this …
Seriously, stop looking for those women's photos. "Oh, I just couldn't not look." Grow up! #YesAllWomen
RT @JillPantozzi: This is not Jennifer Lawrence's fault. This is not Jennifer Lawrence's fault. This is not Jennifer Lawrence's fault. #Yes…
Parks and Recreation's 25 Best Ron Swanson-isms - Parks and Recreation’s 25 Best Ron Swanson-isms Ron... http://t.co/GjjviYJbI3

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