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I'd love to see Squirrel Girl, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen, and Miles Morales! @BabylonsLament @netflix @Marvel
Awesome Indie Short Films Mix Martial Arts Comedy with Time Travel - Awesome Indie Short Films Mix Martial... http://t.co/1bpJ86PG7C
Thoughts on #AvengersAgeOfUltron, everyone?
RT @RocketLlama: Fellow geeks, podcasters, & bloggers- I have a new book & graphic novel coming soon & I'm open to do guest spots, intervie…
ATTENTION: The Geek Handbook 2.0 by @RocketLlama is Now Available! http://t.co/UmJvhAyUyA via @ActionChick
RT @Superherologist: Each Bruce Jenner joke is NOT j/k about one celebrity. It mocks all transgender who have to keep seeing people belittl…
RT @IamMelanieWise: All smiles abt @ActionChick judging the @Artemis_FF competition films this year! #womenkickass http://t.co/zC2DkZ5YIK
Well said @legionofleia Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans Call Black Widow a ‘Slut’ and a ‘Whore’ During Interview http://t.co/HZyKsx9mKR
AFC Classic: Any Movie Can Be Improved by Adding...? - AFC Classic: Any Movie Can Be Improved by Adding…?... http://t.co/hH3XqXqEFc
Video: Craziest Action Scene Ever- Bollywood Action Movie Endhiran is Nuts! It’s time to brighten up your... http://t.co/SBo1NX8eSe
Had a great time with you ladies! @pattyjrobinson @ChaseMasterson @JaneyTracey @ShadowQuill @JessicaMerizan @patriciatallman @scruffyrebel
Submissions are now open for the Geekie Awards! Don't delay! The Geekie Awards http://t.co/ROZMqHLlnO via @TheGeekieAwards
I'd say it was great hanging out with you last night, but that sounds like spy talk 😉 @dickson_kieran @CapPrincess89 @lizzyns @Comicspedia
I guess I am a little worthy. http://t.co/Lv44O8hk9C
Everyone relax, I'm here. #wonderconanaheim http://t.co/cFdVxVhPrT
Don't forget remember what day this is.
RT @Superherologist: Yep, peaceful season finale on The Walking Dead. It was about time those puppies & kittens promised in season 1 showed…
Just don't ask Carol for cookies when she's busy. RT @CarlosGerboles @ActionChick i want her to adopt me !!!!!
Carol totally owned season 5 of #TheWalkingDead

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