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RT @filmgrouch: #FILMFYI @ActionChick https://t.co/6kGO4IOhA4
One of my highlights from SDCC.... http://t.co/zzG42Q2q8w
SDCC 2015: Supernatural Panel Gets Kicked in the Balls by Audience Member Question - SDCC 2015:... http://t.co/WawCF5xB4P
Bite into THE WALKING DEAD PSYCHOLOGY: PSYCH OF THE LIVING DEAD from @SterlingBooks #TWDpsych http://t.co/fIaTkyguB2 https://t.co/w74rUwC8FZ
@atjamie "@newageamazon: ...it's a 3D figure, why does Cammy have to be doing the "No spine equals boobs AND butt facing you" pose?"
When #Kotobukiya (& other companies) start posing women in respectful, strong poses, then I'll start buying stuff. http://t.co/HhYacUBe2e
Made it just in time for @HerUniverse fashion show! Such great designs.
YEP! Have fun with your cosplayin' kiddo! @kaptenmacoy
San Diego Comic-Con 2015: Missing Marvel, Dangerous Women, and Hell No- Sharkado! - San Diego Comic-Con... http://t.co/PKn3PphZRz
Wondering whether to get Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition? Read my stylish review http://t.co/JkwhbLgbyZ @arcadesushi
Never trust a koala bear. They'll lie to you about being bears and about where the hostages are being held. #important
Thoughts on #E32015 so far, everyone?
GILMORE GIRLS, and MY HATRED OF LOGAN RT @rocketllama Have you ever hate-watched a show, and if so, what kept you watching it?
RT @JennaBusch: 10 Reasons Disney Needs to Revive Tron 3 - http://t.co/54hvlz6FEC @RocketLlama @LegionofLeia
Is Winnie the Pooh short for anything? Is his full name Winston Pooh? #importantthings
AFC Classic: 14 Reasons Why Die Hard is Pretty Much the Best Action Movie Ever - AFC Classic: 14 Reasons... http://t.co/eRyVrWM49R
Heard it was gonna be a remake starring Dwayne Johnson, which could be good if dine right @Meric_88
Enter The Geekie Awards to get eyes on your project! Awards & Perks | The Geekie Awards http://t.co/ROZMqHLlnO via @TheGeekieAwards
Rajinikanth: Star of the World's Worst Fight Scene? - Rajinikanth: Star of the World’s Worst Fight Scene?  ... http://t.co/h3s3Tm7qwo

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