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Great work #tommysugo!!! Can't wait to see the spaghetti-espresso combo everywhere!!! ^AB @sharktankau @Janineboost
For WA Sunday night TV viewers, tune into @sharktankau NOW to see #TommySugo. Social media went crazy when it aired on the EastCoast! ^AB
Slurp city at #WhipperSnapper! #smallbatched ^hj http://t.co/YiRXOV5bnE
Set-up for the next public cupping, 2pm at #whippersnapper. Pretty rad tasting room! #smallbatched #moodlighting ^hj http://t.co/bjSefnBnvQ
Public coffee cuppings at Whipper Snapper Distillery as part of #smallbatched Next one at 1pm ^hj http://t.co/WswbFa5Nph
In honour of NZ reaching the final of the #ICC World Cup I'm celebrating the Bru, Bro. http://t.co/o34vDXJwwV
Jason &his custom purple @SynessoFactory tee next to Paul's 4 Provision's custom purple Synesso machine #twins ^HJ http://t.co/FpzJ1WMQ6s
Customer request, "Please draw Toad from Mario Bros. being chased by Ms. Pacman" ^HJ http://t.co/FW1jKfoUWk
Sip & slurp on Sunday at Whipper Snapper. Whiskey tastings & Curated Cuppings, best combo! http://t.co/LV37vEirny ^HJ http://t.co/AJD0a6UJOY
@TCKMusing thanks! Hope it was a sweet way to start the morning. ^BB
And the WA #CuratedCupping is done!!! ^AB http://t.co/oe92GuOCaP
#CuratedCupping tonight at @aus_barista WA. Intro at 5pm, cupping at 5:30. Get ready to slurp! ^HJ http://t.co/0DYBqgG7ML
Loved the name Splurty? @MarcoBevSystems heard your cries and compromised, no more Faze9 – say hello to the SP9! ^HJ http://t.co/TxBbejmB13
Throwback Thursday: #SynessoRobot @SynessoFactory ^HJ http://t.co/3TdZq63vlv
Let's just say Misael and #DivinaProvidencia have not done too bad. Micro's headed our way soon! ^JI http://t.co/XsKpGYAfAi
Nearly done for the day #micro #wetmill #DivinaProvidencia ^JI http://t.co/h5exDWOq30
Some workers choose to do it in style #DKNY #DivinaProvidencia ^JI http://t.co/z0XQWf8yDE
Farm work is not easy. I have huge #respect for these guys. #DivinaProvidencia ^JI http://t.co/IVdSP850gP
Walking Finca #DivinaProvidencia w owner Misael Saucedo. Pickings are looking solid. #Nicaragua ^JI http://t.co/tGks28SQqp
Intro to cupping at @aus_barista WA tomorrow 5pm. Learn how & why we cup, then test out ur skills #CuratedCupping ^HJ http://t.co/E4TetNnaV3

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