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RT @jhulsdunk: These are delicious!@laveencoffee @5Senses #perth #perthcoffee #pertheats #Perthcity #coffee #coldbrewcoffee #cascara http:/…
@Morganf428 check out @ThaCoffeeClique http://t.co/M2oh492Vdz for some good options. ^ @benbicknell
Lima Putri Natural at @TigaRaja_Itl mill are progressing. First lot of cherries to be dry hulled soon. ^@rich_austin http://t.co/UI9GqZqIok
RT @juuuzie: Check out this bad boy laveencoffee @acaiacoffee 5sensescoffee http://t.co/3c0tpIs6w1
VERY Limited Edition Panama Kotowa 'Geisha Natural' cold brew & 'Geisha Cascara' iced tea @laveencoffee ^HJ http://t.co/klrV7jXBu9
@theotherAndreas @giesenroasters Our R&D guru @richardmuhl is working on ways to reduce the minimum power level. Rich? ^AB
@laveencoffee on King St is offering FREE delicious filter coffee to celebrate the opening if their filter bar! http://t.co/MYvRnN0ngo
RT @Ibarra_Jacob: @5Senses @aus_barista @WedgeEspresso Last night was #epic! Thanks again to everyone who joined! #Curatedcupping #LosDulce…
Head trainer @DavidChristie_ talks through last nights #Curatedcupping Los Dulces De Panama coffees. ^@rich_austin http://t.co/FcsK1lTijY
RT @laveencoffee: [News] Pre-Opening Event on Friday 31st. Oct 2014 at laveencoffee with 5sensescoffee - Special Iced… http://t.co/bqoYmvV…
Cupping the best of Panama at @aus_barista Perth and it is packed! ^@jhulsdunk http://t.co/rfF5kH5BGV
@5Senses: about to get rolling in WA!...Los Dulces De Panama #delicious ^@rich_austin http://t.co/jkoAO7fN7v
Window cupping @WedgeEspresso! #Curatedcupping #losdulcesdepanama ^@benbicknell http://t.co/MRgcjIzMWP
Andy is teaching the intro to cupping! #Curatedcupping http://t.co/lY99bNybOu
Delicious #Curatedcupping about to get rolling @WedgeEspresso...Los Dulces De Panama! ^@benbicknell #geishagalore http://t.co/X8zWtf4r7j
Not sure what's happening in this pic? Come down to the 'INTRO to cupping' sesh before our Curated Cupping & learn! http://t.co/RTRQ3yxA8d
@StirlingCandP @Synesso @paddyslantern great to hear! I can't wait to get back up the hill and drink some coffee! ^@jhulsdunk
It's tonight!!! Our public Curated Cupping. 5:30pm at both @aus_barista sites (WA and Vic) ^AB http://t.co/gOPlLX5sFc
New to cupping? Before today’s Curated Cupping we’ll be running an INTRO to cupping session at 5pm to explain how & why we cup. All welcome!
Parchment from our partners at Tiga Raja Mill hits the patios to get some late night fresh air http://t.co/wNlDuV95h9 http://t.co/18yn4A6SCU

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