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Learn more about Twibs and what we are working on.

Twibs was created by a small group of people with one purpose:
Give twitter users a place to find businesses on twitter.

We are big believers in the power of twitter to connect customers with businesses. We're working on making it easy for consumers to find businesses, both local and national. Keep in mind, we're just getting started, so there may be small glitches and features missing, but don't worry, we're working hard for you to keep helping consumers find your business on twitter!

Ways you can help
About "logging in" to twibs via twitter
Twitter is a cool service. They give applications like twibs a way to validate twitter users through a login. We don't have to store your password and usernames, so your account is not at risk. We simply ask the twitter servers to validate you and if they say ok for a specific account, we let you through.

fyi, we are not affiliated with twitter...Just working hard to help them grow. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please send us a tweet @twibs. Thanks!

Putting your mark on the map
Twibs is going to be delivering a "local" application to twitter users in a few months. Before we do so, we need to know where your business is so we can plot it on the map!

To add your business locations, please
Login Here, using your twitter username and password. After you do so, click "manage locations" and then "add a new location".

From there, simply type in your physical business location and preview it on the map. Give the location a name (Ex: Global Headquarters) and provide a telephone number people can contact you at. If everything looks good, submit your location. After you do so, you will see your location listed under "current locations", as well as on your twibs profile page. That's it!

Signing Up
Registering your site on twibs is easy and free! Go here to Add your business and enter your twitter alias, meaning the username you use to login to twitter.

You can also add a few keywords that describe your business, along with links to your email, blog, or store. If your twitter username is correct, you will be added to twibs and will receive a tweet with instructions to login.
Managing Your Business
After you have added your business to twibs, you can Login Here to manage information that is only on twibs. Twibs allows you to add keywords ("tags"), promotions, and additional links to help people find you. Twitter is a great service so we want to give you more ways to help consumers reach you.

Examples of these tags might be marketing or crafts.

Examples of your email might be info@twibs.com

Examples of your blog might be http://blog.mysite.com

Examples of your store might be http://store.mysite.com

*If you are on Etsy, let us know, and we can add your inventory right to twibs. Send an email to info@twibs.com to let us know!

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Twibs has 52,466 businesses, in over cities, both in the US and Internationally who are on Twitter.
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